Alice in Chains – Down in a Hole – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Alice in Chains - Down in a Hole - Acoustic Guitar Lesson

How to play teach learn Alice in Chains Down in a Hole acoustic easy beginner song with tabs on guitar lesson cover tutorial free online youtube by Ryan Puskarich.

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  1. Fantastic guide, subbing

  2. Sounds way better fingerpicking

  3. Amazing I particularly liked your clarity of the power chord section that SO MANY people get 100% wrong

  4. Why does this sound like Kyle Gass?

  5. epic lesson!

  6. Hey can you tell us how to do that tuning?, I only know to do the standard one

  7. Nicely done. Thank you for this. Reading the tabs wasn't really a hindrance once you explained the concept clearly.

  8. Great! Thanks!

  9. is this with standard tuning?

  10. Why did you leave out Jerry Cantrell' parts? Or are you not doing the unplugged version. I'm confused. No disrespect I love your lessons, usually your very thorough and play songs are really played.

  11. not an a minor?

  12. Great job and nice ink on the arm! Dragon?

  13. thx man very fucking good lesson… im drunk and i understanded jajajaj thx

  14. Thanks for another great AIC lesson man! I was just wondering, what is the last chord that ends the song?? I've been racking my brain trying to figure it out!

  15. Davide Marchese Ragona

    This could have been a superb tutorial except the reverse tab seriously confuses me 🙁

  16. A guitar instructor told me it was bad to have the pinky of your strumming hand resting on the guitar.

  17. download link for the audio?? if i can get it….

  18. After the chorus do you just play the verse once?

  19. The tab being upside down is throwing me off big time. Its making it a little more difficult than it should be. Besides that this is awesome. 🙂

  20. 5 months ago I started playing guitar and thought I'd never be able to play this song. Last week I took another crack at it and I can play most of it, although slower but I'm getting better. I just need to get my fingers used to barring the 3rd fret of the E and B strings. Right now I'm using my index and middle fingers and I think it's slowing me down.

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