Alice In Chains – Got Me Wrong – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Alice In Chains - Got Me Wrong - Acoustic Guitar Lesson

How to play teach learn Alice In Chains Got Me Wrong rhythm guitar parts on acoustic guitar with tabs lesson cover tutorial free online youtube by Ryan Puskarich

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  1. this is an awesome video

  2. stephen gilliss

    Ryan, do you have a follow-up video on the solos throughout the song?

  3. Touch me I'm Dick.

  4. Love it but I feel like putting my guitar on the Woodburner as the barre chords are driving me up the wall!!
    I’ll get there in the end… I hope!

  5. Marcos Vinicius Aranha Rodrigues

    Afinação completamente diferente da minha, fica difícil.

  6. Damn that c sharp major chord! Damn it to hell!

  7. Touch Me I'm Dick!

  8. I think this is a good song of a beginner wants to start playing things a little more difficult

  9. Extremely helpful and right to the point! Thank you very much!

  10. well done :))

  11. First 20 seconds is all i needed lol! Thanks!

  12. Tank you man

  13. is that really a citizen dick shirt? as in singles???

  14. Maxwell Catlett

    Dude, thank you so much! I've recently learned "Heaven Beside You" and I wanted to take on another mostly acoustic one. You made this so easy!

  15. Thanks for the flow advice. Even thought its just 3 chords to start, its a little tricky to get the correct timing unless you up stroke the 3rd chord. (even for this dude whos been playing since the 80's)

  16. Best Teacher!

  17. Dcpepperwolve138

    What was that third chord in the chorus

  18. Your the only one I go to for chains lessons. Think you can do rotten apple maybe angry chair?

  19. Thanks a lot!

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