Alice In Chains – No Excuses – EASY – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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Alice In Chains – No Excuses – EASY – Acoustic Guitar Lesson
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  1. Great tutorial man, just started playing and I found this really easy to follow

  2. What's your pickup system on that Martin, Papa?

  3. great stuff not i just need to make it smooth

  4. Can someone please tell me what the strum pattern is?

  5. thanks for the video. i have a question: i am trying to play these sons on the piano however its tricky sometimes cause all material i have is guitar tabs and transposed chords. the big question is: are you playing Bb9 chord (a major chord right)? I think Alice in Chains made a big mistake on this song. The whole melody (what the voice does) is writen in a minor mode (Bbm) but harmony plays a major chord all the time. I am almost giving up from this one. But i am not believing on my ears.

  6. Thanks David Grohl. 馃榾

  7. Love this song and band nice lesson man

  8. thanks very good tutorial !!! /

  9. This is the lesson I've been wishing for! Thanks man!

  10. Thanks, I've always loved AIC and this is one of my favorites by them. Never realized it was so easy to play! One thing I wanted to point out, is that during the unplugged set, Jerry uses all down strums on the Aadd9. I think it sounds a little bit better, but not a huge difference.

  11. Thank you! really nice song and good explained lesson.

  12. And the solo? Please

  13. Great song, great lesson. Would be great if you do Sludge Factory/AIC.

  14. Got no patience for tuuning half step dooooown ^^

  15. Although I would prefer to play the E by lifting the index finger and retaining the same chord structure as mentioned in an earlier post I find this lesson about as plain and straight forward聽as you could ask for, especially the strum patterns.聽Thanks for the post, even a frustrated bass player like myself had it down in about 10 minutes.

  16. very good, would produce a class with a sea of sorrow music? the guys here in Brazil Adoram their classes.

  17. Mad Season: River of Deceit PLEASE.

  18. Do I Stay Away

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