Alice in Chains – Nutshell – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

A free easy beginner online youtube acoustic guitar cover lesson tutorial on how to play teach learn Nutshell by Alice in Chains on acoustic guitar **Check out the lead parts and solo lesson @ by Ryan Puskarich

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  1. I’m having trouble with the Simple Man solo, preferably the Deftones cover. I’m sure you could explain a lot better what’s going on with the bends and whatnot.

  2. Best lessons online. I appreciate that you explain strumming technique which is hard to pick up just by listening. Thank you for all your videos. Do you do requests?

  3. Finally someone explaining the strumming pattern..thanks!

  4. Have you even watched the unplugged video … your missing the G major !!

  5. tri-different-angles

    Looks like a hummingbird

  6. This song destroys me… brings me back to the depths of my heroin addicition in my 20s. Now that I'm a survivor and in recovery, I decided to learn the song and reclaim my power over those dark years. So thanks for the lesson, I'm starting to get back into playing after 15 years of choosin black tar over my passion for music.

  7. Good looking guitar,,Do they sound that bad…?

  8. Sounds suspiciously like bxd

  9. Lots of guitar string buzz

  10. I have accepted that I suck at the guitar

  11. This is better with E-flat tuning, am I right? This sounds beautiful. I cant wait to try it (though it seems tough for a rusty beginner…)

  12. very good video mate. I learnt this one by ear but some videos on here don't match completely with what I was doing yours definitely does. glad to know ime doing it right thanks

  13. Still my favourite Nutshell lesson out there. Thank you

  14. Kelly Sunseri-Adams

    Whats the time signature???

  15. waw.
    thank u

  16. I've said it before i'll say it again…..The only one to ever do this classic justice.thanks rpguitarvids for breaking it down 🙂

  17. This is such a beautiful song by AIC. Your video is awesome too!!! Cheers:-) …have saying that though, I had looked at few similar vids prior to this one. And they are majority similar
    Just learnt it now on my acoustic. I only needed to know the order of the chords, I naturally have good rhythm so I find I can hits the cords very fluently.
    Can't stop strumming it,
    Again, thank you for your knowledge…..I too, hopefully one day will pass it on to the next.

  18. sorry sir your missing a g major

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