Alice In Chains – Sludge Factory (Unplugged) – Alternative/Acoustic Guitar Lesson (w/Tabs)

Alice In Chains - Sludge Factory (Unplugged) - Alternative/Acoustic Guitar Lesson (w/Tabs)

Tabs –

This is a lesson on How to play “Sludge Factory” (Unplugged) by Alice In Chains.

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  1. You're awesome

  2. marcelo ariel Peralta

    Maravilloso, te felicito. Gracias por compartir.

  3. You insult me in my home, you're forgiven this time…

  4. Heaven beside you pls

  5. Omg. You sound like the wizard in whiterun from skyrim

  6. Would you be interested in covering "To Hell with the Devil" by Stryper?

  7. Can we download the full tab? thanks

  8. Алекс, скажи а как ты с бэкингтрэками управляешься? У тебя специальное оборудование какое-то или просто включаешь на компе или смартфоне? Просто это не удобно как-то. Хочеться чтобы ногой можно было контролировать. Что можешь подсказать?

  9. Hello ! And you can please Limp Bizkit. Take A Look Around

  10. Well done! Thanks for the lesson!

  11. Great job as always! Could you please teach Rainier frog and more songs of the last AIC album? Thanks !

  12. One of the best guitar learning channels on youtube, great format and great guide. Chapeau bas!

  13. Will you do sea of sorrow?

  14. Great lesson. Liked and subscribed.

  15. Alex

    Awesome channel, dude.

    You should check out Alice's new album.

  16. Marcos Rodriguez


  17. Dude Nice.

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