Alice In Chains Would? Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

I will teach thee oh child Would? by Alice in Chains on electric guitar! I’ll break down the power chords used to play the song. Tune your guitars to Eb tuning and let’s get playing!

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  2. Soma by The Smashing Pumpkins pls!!3

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  5. You hit the sweet spot. Gibson SG + AIC !! More please!

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  7. Julian’s Music Channel

    Hey Marty! Can you do lesson on umphrey McGee’s life during exodus?

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  14. Great video but this brings up one of my frustrations with learning the guitar.. Ratty dirty distortion. Having listened to the album and instrumental thousands of times, the song has a much cleaner sound.
    Ive run in to the same issue with a lot of the grunge/alternative songs. No matter what I try it just ends up sounding like a dirty noisy mess. I've tried various effects both in multi fx format and individual stompboxes. The sound I end up with is either bright and twangy or a noisy dirty mess with no inbetween.
    I'm about ready to try building a special guitar that might replicate the sound and skip using the effects.

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