Alicia Keys Fallin Guitar Lesson Justin Guitar Easy Acoustic Beginners Finger Picking Tutorial

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This lesson we explore Fallin’ by Alicia Keys, an easy two chord song for beginners. It’s a great chance to practice some minor shapes and basic finger picking techniques.
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  1. Can you teach an arrangement for Strange fruit?

  2. Hey Justin I'm plagued by my inability to play clean solos. Notes sounding as I remove finger from a string, from a lower string when releasing a bend etc… Could you give a lesson on how to clean up. Thanks.

  3. Justin you should go back to your old style of videos. Buddy Holly songs and stuff like that. Aint nobody got time for alicia keys. What about some rocknroll or some more hard rock tunes?

  4. Justin, I really appreciate the time you take to throw in a little texture play, not assuming beginners know all of the fingerings for different chords, and some variety on how to play the song. Also recommending beginners use certain fingerings to strengthen their hands and help overall form is great. I've been playing along with you for years and I really think it's great that you still make beginner level songs for people just starting out. I know how much I appreciated it when I first started a few years ago. Keep rocking, my man. Justin Sandercoe for president!

  5. Usually I like Justin’s vocals. I’m willing to admit I don’t need to hear his rendition of Alicia Keys.

  6. Can you do some nik kershaw songs

  7. Hey Justin! I was wondering if you would be able to do some more Daft Punk songs in the future?

  8. Try doing more songs from the 50s and 60s

  9. Appreciate this easier lesson as I work more fingerpicking into my practice sessions. I enjoy the time signature & clear tutorial. Cheers, Justin.

  10. If you like Justin than you will love my channel too. JUSTIN = INSPIRATION = THE BOSS

  11. I always get the impression Alicia Keys sings a tad out of time, what's your take on that Justin? Beautiful tone (as usual) from your guitar by the way

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