All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor – Guitar Lesson

How to play All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor. Quickly learn the chords and strumming rhythm to this cool song. Need more help with guitar? Head on over to today.

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Thanks for watching this tutorial guitar lesson on how to play All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor. Hope you enjoyed it! If you did feel free to pass it along to your guitar buddies. 🙂

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Keep up the practice.




  1. Hey kids!! Check out my free online course at:

  2. Soulaymen Elaoud

    you are the best

  3. I think thats a "van dyke" ? not a fu-man chu hahaha I love your vids man !!

  4. Is is possible to turn up the sound so we can hear it better..  It's just not loud enough,  thx,

  5. Alexander Ramirez

    I have one question and its probably an omg how do you know this type of question but im new to guitar and I wanna know what tuning your guitar is in

  6. I wish i could give u more than just one like to this awesome tutorial.seriously! This was beyond perfect tutorial.thank you!

  7. Oh you're my fave <3

  8. Groovy…thanks for this quick lesson.  I have a g/f who likes to sing this, so we can have fun with this one.  Mahalo!

  9. TbhItzRainbow xx

    I got it im a pro at this I play every day of the year 

  10. This is my first time watching your videos ! Super easy to understand ! I can't wait to try it 🙂 

  11. pls.sir teach me how to play that song.tnx

  12. u make a good video tutorials. but i dont get the strumming pattern is it UU-DD or DD-UU? i dont know how to play the guitar.. but i really want to learn and the song all about the bass is so popular i really want to know how to play it.. tnx

  13. sorry dude, but for someone that's ADD….hard to focus with all the chatter in between. Just want to know the chords and strumming pattern. focus. thanks!

  14. You're funny, Erich!

  15. Don't you also play a C, D minor, and a G progression?

  16. Hi! Can you do some fingerstyle Tutorial please :)

  17. He said trouble instead of treble

  18. Super easy! Thanks a lot! Because of you I got 100 on my project. Thanks again!

  19. thank you for the teaching, could you maybe make a video about Queens Of The Stone Ages – I sat by the ocean or an other song of the Clockwork album?

  20. no treble…

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