All Along The Watchtower Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Jimi Hendrix – Intro

All Along The Watchtower Guitar Lesson Pt.1 - Jimi Hendrix - Intro

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In these All Along The Watchtower guitar lesson videos you will learn how to play one of Jimi Hendrix’s most beloved songs note-for-note!

It was released on The Jimi Experience’s final album of new material Electric Ladyland in September 1968.

This song has it all from cool chord lead style rhythm guitar parts to half a dozen solos. There is something in this song for every player to learn from.

In the All Along The Watchtower guitar lesson videos you will slowly be taken through all of the sections that make up this classic rock masterpiece. There are five videos in all including the full performance video.

So take your shot at learning one of Jimi Hendrix’s finest moments then go to the full performance video and play along. The entire performance and note-for-note lessons are done in standard tuning as opposed to Hendrix’s original half step down tuning. That way, everyone can learn the song without having to re-tune their guitars. A real life saver for any player with a Floyd Rose.

This one is an all-time classic. I hope you have as much fun playing it as I did. Cheers!! 😀

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  1. Nelson Andres Meneses

    Leaving my comment here as a landmark to come back to for when I can play the whole song, right now, I can barely play the intro, but i will do this.

    I will.

  2. Eve Walker-rawson

    Actually quite an easy solo, don't be intimidated just cause it's Hendrix

  3. Thebandrocketscience

    If you just move your freting hand down to c first cord b flat you can play the whole song you doun,t have to tune down ,and it will be in jimi,s key a fret down gives youthe half step

  4. god why didnt i go to the comments first, i knew for sure it was 4 bends

  5. Thank you for teaching in standard tuning!

  6. I have heavy gauge strings on my strat and I can only bend the note to half step. What gauge should I get for easier bending?

  7. Mad Season …Please

  8. What pedals are you using to get that sound?

  9. Juan Felipe Medina

    0:14 omg you are the mvp


  11. It's the 9th fret hes picking in 4.58, not the 7th

  12. Standard tuning, thank god

  13. Always confused….where is 1??

  14. Around 5:00 you said 7 and 9 but you meant 9 and 11.

  15. What effect is that? it sounds sweet!

  16. Why do fenders sound better in flat tuning ?

  17. what kind of pedals are you using man.

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