All Of Me – Guitar lessons – Tab + Melody + Playback

I let you interpret it, as you feel it… !
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  1. Excellent. Thank you.

  2. Thank's, but playing the melody is the no brainer. It's the chord voiceings that are difficult (because there are so many variations and alternatives out there). I don't read music and an "A7" can be like a million different things on a guitar. And in Gypsy Jazz it's never an open A7 in first position. Please upload a video where you show what chord voiceings you use. You are such a good player.

  3. bonsoir c'est possible d'avoir la partition du theme merci

  4. Merci beaucoup.

  5. Gracias desde Barcelona. Muy bien tocado y muy didáctico.

  6. trop vitte..

  7. the 9th note you play is one fret too shot.

  8. Very well played, thx for the video.
    However, in tbe second chord (E7) you should be playing a descending E major triad B G# E, not E minor

  9. Jefferson Robinson

    No stops?

  10. Grazie grazie grazie!

  11. Thank you this is great!

  12. srdjan jakovljević

    Wonderfull playing Guitar.

  13. major 7

  14. what means triangle in chord symbol and thansk for lesson btw great stuff.

  15. that chord is an Eb diminished , if you play your normal Eb chord and flaten the 3rd and 5th degree it is diminished ,
    Eb= Eb G Bb
    Ebo = E Gb Bbb (A)
    Hope that helps ! 🙂

  16. Hey man there´s a chord i cant understand… can you help me??? the chord is Ebo7

  17. This was great!

  18. g sharp it is 😉

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