All Over Again | Luke Combs | Beginner Guitar Lesson

It’s Luke Combs Week! Today”s song is “All Over Again” and uses the C, G, Em, D chords in that order.
Give it a whirl! and hey…go learn piano with my DVD at
God bless!


  1. You hammer the string

  2. Love this guy!! Great energy! Simple easy to understand lessons! Keep them comin Matt!

  3. How about King and Country with Dolly Parton " God Only Knows " That's what we need more in life uplifting people spirits . When the world now days is so negative, hurting one another instead of loving one another more . Helping each other when we need it

  4. Good one. “Does to me” is what I think works with my voice. Teach it now!!!! Please!!!! Your the best. Sucking up is over.

  5. Please teach mama tried by Merle Hagard!

  6. Great tutorial! Would love to see “Blue Collar Boys”

  7. Please do “nothing like you” on Luke combs new album. Thanks for the videos

  8. Love the new luke combs album. Can you teach does to me. Thanks love the channel

  9. Swamp Dux Outfitter

    What Martin are you playing in this?

  10. Hey Matt… I am trying hard to use your videos to learn… I really like the simplicity you try to put into it… Just really wish i didnt get so distracted with all the advanced style playing you use in beginner video's… Thanks

  11. would you like to subscribe to me

  12. Can you do, blame it on you by Jason Aldean

  13. Hey matt you mind to provide us with a sheet of the Lyrics of the song and where to changes go?

  14. Spencer Eisenhauer

    Hey Matt, can you teach Blue Collar Boys? Love the videos man!

  15. Can you teach “best part of me is you” by Jacob Bryant please!

  16. I love your Luke Combs videos

  17. Hey Matt thank you for doing this your the reason I finally got the guitar and it really helps in my gospel group

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