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In this All Right Now guitar lesson video, I will show you all of the classic chords, riffs and solos from this massive hit by Free.

Guitarist Paul Kossoff has a couple of great solos in this one and I will take you through each one of them note-for-note.

The opening riff to “All Right Now” is probably one of the most recognizable in the history of classic rock. It requires are pretty large fret-hand stretch in order to finger the chords just like Paul Kossoff did, and in addition the rhythm is very tight. It is a great riff to practice playing in the pocket.

The chorus is a very simple laid back riff based around a couple of power chords, so there shouldn’t be much of an issue there.

After those two riffs are out of the way, it is time to tackle the guitar solos. Paul Kossoff’s first solo in “All Right Now” is very blues based with some quick picking and large bends. It is very short but very succinct and in your face so to speak.

After that we will tackle the second guitar solo. This solo is much longer and incorporates melodic slides, oblique bends, fast legato licks and more. You can really study this solo to see how Paul Kossoff tells a story with it. There is a definitely beginning that gradually builds throughout. It perfectly complements this much loved song.

Hope you guys enjoy this great classic from Free!

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  1. Finally, the main riff sounds right now. I never could figure that one out. Thanks!

  2. Nobody mentions that the original is two guitar tracks

  3. best, most precise and thank God the hottest teacher eva!

  4. Straight into it! Well done. You can talk later, but get the guitar and song going from the get go and chat about your wed site or politics and religion LATER! Thanks man, great lesson.

  5. Tricky stuff this song open …. not your basic Rock n Roll 3 chord deal at all. I give credit to the young lads who invented it way back then. The distinctive sound of the song makes it a classic ! Oh yes, this teacher nails it … most excellent !

  6. Robert Grisanti

    that's a nice fat tone out of that strat – I agree one of the better teachers out there – an amazing player – can play anything and make it it look easy

  7. Thanks for getting the chords right.

  8. Thanks for taking the time to break this down Legend

  9. I find the solo in this song as being one of the best ever. It may not be very fast, or all that complex, but the timing and the feeling in it is amazing.

  10. Carl, my question is this: Are you teaching this as THE way to play this song in it's accuracy?

  11. hey Carl can you do the bad company solo from bad company?

  12. This is by far the most helpful lesson on this song that I've found and it has helped me tremendously. Thanks so much for making it free and available to all of us.

  13. john richardson

    what amp are you using?

  14. what effects are you using?

  15. Great lesson!! Thanks!!!

  16. There are many great players out there with excellent videos. You are by far at the top of the list. You nailed this one.

  17. Guilliermo Izquerda

    Terrific instruction….second view of the fingering is especially helpful!

  18. great lessons thank you so much Tony  uk

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