All the chords you’ll ever need on bass (in under 15 minutes)

All the chords you'll ever need on bass (in under 15 minutes)

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As a bass player you’re not going to be using chords in every song you play (and if you do, you might get the sack!)…

But still, learning how to play chords on the bass is an absolute must if you want to develop your musicianship.

As bass players, we outline the chords using linear lines… but how the heck are you going to be able to outline the chords if you don’t know what they sound like?!

That’s how important this skill is.

Can you guess what this lesson is all about yet? 😉

Ok, ok…

In this lesson you’re going to learn all the bass chords you’ll ever need… in less that 15 minutes.

And on top of that, to learn ‘all the chords you’ll ever need’ you’re only going to have to learn a handful of shapes.


Right now over 30,000 bass players are enrolled in the Academy here at Scott’s Bass Lessons and are making a real difference to their playing… if you’re really serious about getting your bass playing together, click here to find out more and grab your 14 day free trial:


  1. What is the bass model and brand?

  2. What a great video. I've been playing bass for almost 19 years, and I never had any formal training. I'm getting to a point in my life where, I'm really starting to get seriously in tune with the nuances of playing music correctly, or at least following some type of form. I never realized understood what made a note a 7th or a 5th, until right this very second. That wasn't even what you were teaching, but the way in which you were explaining your lesson, made it unmistakable to understand what you were saying. I've really been watching your videos and enjoying them, and think I'm going to take my first formal 'music lesson' on your website. Thanks again.

  3. Hey Scott! I have a great idea tha will help a lot for the begginers, you talk about a lot of notes… what about if instend of teachings "hacks" you can teach us some harmony, so everyone will be on the same page. It is hard when you dont know anything about notes, chirds, scales, etc. It will help a lof for a bass players but also to a lot of musicians!

  4. This is very helpful, thx!

  5. greetings, your videos are very interesting, you have a lot of pedagogy to show your videos, I'm from Ecuador and sometimes I find you follow the rhythm in what you exoplicas since it would be very helpful if your videos you put subtitles in Spanish, the contents of your videos I am very interested, but it would be easier if they had subtitles in Spanish, not only for me but there are many Spanish-speaking bass players who do not have much material to review here on YouTube

  6. Coming from a piano background, the other chord type is augmented (maj, min, dim and aug). The diminished seventh and half diminished are just variations of the seventh note of the diminished chord. The reason a diminished seventh is a B double flat (in the key of C) and not A is because the B is the seventh. This stems from Classical music and their belief all harmony is made up of odd numbers. It is best to view the note as a double flat (Bbb) as technically that is the seventh. Still, a great video and really helpful.

  7. Thanks for all you've done for the bass players of the world over the years Scott! Excellent lesson and by the way, the F bass is definitely your best sounding bass so far.

  8. tbh is do re mi fa sol la si do , not "ti"

  9. im wondering if I should just buy my bass or rent it before buying, any advice?

  10. Lol whatz a dominant? I know flats .

  11. Love this one – thanks!!

  12. I love the work that you are putting into teaching everyone who want to learn more about bass guitar, Scott!
    I have a question that has been on my mind for some time, and I would appreciate it, if I could get a response from you, or anyone else!
    The question is about the string noise which appears when switching the position on the fretboard, such as the one heard on 00:25 (6) , 00:01 , 00:03, 00:06 and on many more places.
    Is it something that bass players should be bothered with, is there a way to stop such the sound, or is it completely normal? is it something that won't make a problem during the recording?
    Thanks so much for taking your time to read my comment!

  13. 25th personality – The Bass Player

  14. With this beautiful Bass you can play chords wherever you want

  15. Have you ever thought about doing a video that sucks? I mean, all of your videos are very informative, entertaining and high-quality. Doing one that sucks would add a little bit of variance. 😉 Great stuff. I'm very happy to be a subscriber of yours.

  16. thank you! but the pdf link didn't work and got me to an untitled chrome page! I mean the link that have got emailed to me…

  17. I've been accidentally discovering some of these chords! How I discovered them was just by random and getting an "ah-ha" moment. "Oh?! This sounds nice kinda situation xP (amateur bassist)

  18. great Scott… applause …

  19. Best!!! Very, very top! Thanks for your video!

  20. Please subtitules in spanish please!!! God job scott, i like it!! But i don't understand much.

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