ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE – Chord Melody LESSON – Easy Guitar Tutorial

EASY chord melody jazz guitar LESSON on All The Things You Are. Detailed and well explained. TABS available. Incl.slow version.

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The request hotline for this all time classic jazz standard was running hot. Since many ambitious jazz beginners want to know how to play All The Things You Are chord melody style, I made this an easy jazz guitar lesson.

This guitar tutorial shows you how to play All The Things YOu Are guitar chords as well as the melody. This is called a chord melody style or a guitar solo arrangement.
I explain everything slowly and in detail. Ia also have a slow version of the entire tune towards the end of the lesson, so you can play along with me and practice slowly first.

I made All The Things You Are TABS , available via the links above.

I hope you like this Jazz guitar lesson. I have many more available for free here on Youtube.

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Enjoy, Sandra 🙂
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  1. So do you have a Taylor GS Mini by any chance?

  2. Frank DeVincenzo

    "Don't hit'em…we don't play funk here! It's jazz only."  Bahahaha! Sandra , you are too funny.

  3. You are absolutely brilliant!

  4. Afternoon from a sunny Liverpool, having just started to learn jazz and following you, your lessons are easy to follow and understand, thanks very much and keep up the good work. PS just bought the tab 🙂

  5. 0:10 "Grrrrrrrrrreetings…" 🙂 Thank your for this very best explaining
    0:40 version entired Tune
    2:42 A Phrase 1: Bar 1 – Bar 8
    3:04 Explaining A Phrase 1
    7:57 Explaining Bar 7 and Bar 8 of A Section: Rythmpattern on Cj7
    9:02 Slow A Phrase 1: Bar 1 – Bar 8
    9:35 A Phrase 2: Bar 9 – Bar 16
    10:00 Explaining A Phrase 2
    12:44 Explaining Bar 14 of A Phrase 2: A-7b5 D7
    16:43 Slow A Phrase 2: Bar 9 – Bar 16
    18:21 B first 4 bars: Bar 17 – Bar 20
    18:33 Explaining B first 4 bars
    21:41 Slow B first 4 bars
    22:04 B second 4 bars: Bar 21 – Bar 24
    22:24 Explaining B second 4 bars
    26:10 Bar 8 of B : Explaining difficult 16'tel rhythm: C7
    27:34 Slow B second 4 bars
    28:00 Slow B
    28:37 C Phrase 1: Bar 25 – Bar 30
    28:54 Explaining C Phrase 1: Bar 25 – Bar 29
    30:32 Slow C Phrase 1: Bar 25 – Bar 29
    30:49 Explaining C Phrase 1: Bar 30: Gb13
    32:02 Slow C Phrase 1: Bar 25 – Bar 30
    32:34 C Phrase 2: Bar 31 – Bar 36
    32:54 Explaining C Phrase 2: Bar 31 – Bar 36
    37:18 Explaining Flageolets: Fret 23 22 22 21
    39:37 Slow C Phrase 2: Bar 31 – Bar 36
    40:04 Slow C
    40:50 Slow version entired Tune

  6. SuperCarver2011


  7. I was hoping for this. Thanks!!!

  8. Salvador Dorian Córdoba Córdoba

    My teacher favorite, I send her a kiss and the better things to her. Sorry my English is not very good

  9. Dear Sandra, I appreciate your lesson so much!! I love them, I followed step by step and could finish it nicely, so please carry on, your every words do help.

  10. Tiger Spills The Wine

    Please do round midnight

  11. I love your videos and your accent when you say: "Grrrrreetings from Austria". Please if you find some time make a video "chord melody lesson" for the " what a wonderful world" I already know how to play the chords but i just bought a second hand ibanez lgb30 (combined her with a mesa boogie) and i would like the first song that i play correctly on this guitar to be this iconic one. Your lessons always have this special touch . Grrrrrrrrrreetings form Greece!!!!!! keep going jazz!!!!!!

  12. Thank you! Your awesome!

  13. jean claude bornetto

    Bonjour et merci ! That's perfect and I' glad to follow your videos but why not tellind the right names of notes instead of the numbers of the frets ?! .. Please. Why not ?
    JcB. An old french eternal student ( 73… )

  14. Hello Sandra, really enjoying your videos:) can you tell me please if 'All The Things You are' , 'Rhythm Changes' or 'Giant Steps'? would be better for a beginner/Intermediate player or are those tunes all of similar level?

  15. Once again, another brilliant classic by one of the best Jazz tutors on Youtube 🙂 Thanks Sandra

  16. Do you think u can do a waltz for Debby by bill Evans? I really like your arrangement All the Things you are its great.

  17. My favorite standard…this is such a wonderful arrangement. The lyrics make think of Sandra! I tremble at the brink of her lovely song!

  18. And yet another great one, thank you Sandra….

  19. What guitar are you using to play this?

  20. Thank you. I like the tabs!

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