Allen Hinds Melody and Slide | Guitar Lesson | How to Play | Tim Pierce

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Allen’s signature pedal

Allen Hinds stopped by and played some beautiful lead guitar..
And check out his gorgeous slide playing….
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Allen likes to use Xotic guitars and effects

Tim Pierce
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  1. thx tim! you guys rule!

  2. Beautiful and tasteful playing from Mr. Hinds. Wow! Thank you for this video!

  3. one pickup guitar mojo!

  4. So nice! Hi Tim

  5. Karl Traunmüller


  6. Beautiful phrasing!

  7. Damn, Allen is so amazing with all the theory and the way he explains it…

  8. What a killer sound this Tele

  9. This may sound weird Allen is so good and a real joy seeing someone to use his pinky so much. He definitely makes you feel like you haven't learned nothing……Very Nice,….please don't take it in a bad way.

  10. that's all i know""""'¶,,,,,,,

  11. Beautiful discover , guitar thrill with this mélody and slide, thank you for sharing Tim

  12. Thanks Tim and Allen. Much to learn, and the perspective shift helps even moreso. nice approach

  13. I like that device for getting a pedal slide effect! Nice stuff man…

  14. Making Guitar Great Again! Thanks so much Tim and Allen.. Hint new show idea?

  15. I love these vids with Allen!

  16. Fantastic music as always ….thank-you

  17. Damn. What is hip? THAT is hip.

  18. So beautifully melodic. What a truly a fabulous video!

  19. Wild stuff over a two-chord vamp. Thanks, Tim. Thanks, Allen. Your back and forth helped me begin to wrap my ears around it.

  20. Allen's playing is the antithesis of Pete Thorn's. Allen's moves with such efficiency– even though I'm watching on a 30" monitor it is tough to follow exactly what his fingers are doing. Proving [only] that there is no right way. Great vid Tim, Allen. Thanks for posting.

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