Allman Brothers “Melissa” – Easy Acoustic Songs Guitar Lesson

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How to play “Melissa” by the Allman Brothers on guitar. In this comprehensive lesson ill take you through each chord progression of “Melissa”, while shedding light on some of the theory behind this classic composition by Gregg Allman. Chords and lyrics for “Sweet Melissa” by the Allman Brothers is included through this HD instructional video.
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  1. Great work

  2. Hello friends, in honor of Greg, I took time create a chord sheet and strumming guide which you can download free at: Enjoy your practice -Rob

  3. The lesson is infected with ads….

  4. Excellent! Thank you so much!

  5. thanks Rob, again you have inspired me and I am so grateful for these videos!!

  6. thanks Rob, you made this seem like a very easy song to understandand I appreciate the lesson, oh and I like that you sing along because it helps me with timing.

  7. albert rodriguez

    Thank you , trying to get back in my music world again , finish my treatment I broke my hand when I was sick , thank you once more …

  8. You play this in a really cool way,, I dig

  9. luciano torres

    muito bom.

  10. awesome lesson as normal , I was wondering if I could request a CCR lesson, maybe midnight special , something like the lesson you did on where did you sleep last night (leadbelly/nirvana) and I understand that you are super busy this is just a suggestion , thx for this lesson and for the many more that you have done!

  11. Excellent lesson , thank you !!

  12. a nice & easy transition from f#m to a chord is low e hammer-on  f# to open a

  13. Thanks Rob I learned the first part of this 30 years ago never figured out the rest ( the bridge) I'll check out your other lessons

  14. Not quite……………….

  15. Great Lesson and great song.  Your lessons are fun, inspiring and easy to understand. Thanks for the help

  16. Dominic Dimele

    1st off…Thank you. One of the best lessons I've come across. 1st song I ever wanted to learn and after 2 years i can say you did a GREAT job. Again. ..Thank you. One of my all time favorites.

  17. I must say, I have checked out a lot of acoustic guitar videos, and yours is by far are the  best! I just love your song selections! If you got the time, maybe you could do a how to play, "Peace Train" by Cat Stevens. May the spirit of Woodstock be with you! 🙂 Peace out!

  18. This is a great lesson…you are a great teacher, and im thrilled you taught this song, its beautiful and I'v almost mastered it in only a few days! Im loving your channel and lessons, they are much appreciated. Keep the classic songs coming please 🙂

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