Allman Brothers – Sweet Melissa Acoustic Guitar Lesson – How to Play on Guitar

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  1. Hey Marty, great -thanks a lot! For me the E-chord shape trick is the key to nail it!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    hi Marty. I'm Amy. first of all I want to thank you for making these awesome videos. I'm a super beginner. always wanted to learn and never got the chance. but here I am 37 with my first acoustic and I love how you break down each and every step. I'm getting the rhythm to these songs but have a real hard time with the pick for some reason up strokes are so hard for me. It's like I miss the strings completely when up stroking. any pointers?

  3. Love the lesson, Marty! U R DA BEST! Any chance u could do part 2 of the lesson and show us those amazing little lead fills? Big thanks… U DA BEST 🙂

  4. thanks Marty,really enjoy your approach,

  5. When you strum up do you strum the entire guitar, or just the first few strings

  6. Only have one word for this lesson, Beautiful! Thanks for the "treat", Marty.

  7. Love learning how to play great old favorite songs from you Marty. You make learning fun and easy to boot. The way you take your time to explain chord formations, beats, riffs etc. really makes learning a great, enjoyable experience especially for a so-so player like myself. Thanks for all your knowledge that share with us. I can tell that you really enjoy what you do. Liked and subscribed.

  8. Thank you so much Marty! You're an amazing player and teacher!

  9. the Schwartz is with Me! thank you again marty. really well laid out lesson, as usual! I'm just starting out and am having trouble with the bar chords so I will stick with "tangerine" for now. But this one is on the priority list because of you.

  10. zilla

  11. Sweet!!

  12. appreciate you broham….

  13. Excellent , nice way to pull it all together at the end for us , I am going to join!

  14. Great job teaching this song Marty, i have been playing for years and your tempo of teaching was right on par and easy to follow. Its appreciated!

  15. Teach Id love to change the world by Ten Years After. Love your song choices.

  16. Great song with some cool open chords.

  17. Marty, you are simply the best. I am so very happy that you are back doing your own thing and inspiring us all. You make all the songs fun and make challenging songs approachable. Looking forward to many more great songs. Thanks again. Tom

  18. what key is the lead played?

  19. A little harder than the regular ole strummers,  but sounds good when you hit it right

  20. Nicholas Chambers

    It's honestly amazing that we all get a great teacher to teach us a bunch of awesome songs for free

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