Allman Brothers "Whipping Post" Guitar Lesson

Allman Brothers "Whipping Post" Guitar Lesson

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Hey guys here’s a lesson for Allman Brothers “Whipping Post” – Also there are many corrections I have made to this lesson as I realized I taught some of it wrong in my past. Hope you have fun with it!


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  1. Awesome channel man, very easy to pick something up from ya. Peace man.

  2. Finally, somebody got the chords right. That was the first thing that stuck out to me and made the song interesting and appealing when I first heard it on the 8 track circa late 70 or early 71. I saw the original line up with Duane and Berry back in Easter 71', Jacksonville Coliseum. It was one of the best concerts of my life. When I hear these songs now, it is a bit haunting. I feel like I did then, yet so many people gone including the 3 of the band members.

  3. Marty, you rock! The best instructor ever. I have learned so much from your wonderful posts. Please everyone support Marty by going to his site and getting his gear or lessons or whatever. Keep it up buddy!

  4. Hey Marty been following you since way back when I got your big old blues DVD set years ago you always offered up tasty ass licks, funny teaching and easy to follow lesson, thanks for always pickin'epic songs and always being you and killin it, much love and support!

  5. Thanks for getting it right and playing in A major. Very few are able to figure that out and play in A minor.

  6. Which pedal are you using for the layering?

  7. Marty you are the greatest! Can you teach any songs by Jason Isbell? I love his acoustic songs.

  8. Ouch…u gotta change those major chords to dominant 7ths. With the exception of the verse progression

  9. Bravo for the A major chord. Just about every band in history plays A minor. The only band that NEVER did was the Allman Brothers.

  10. Can you please teach Everytime by Boy Pablo?

  11. i know u love this..but i hear alot of robby kreiger..yes no?

  12. You are so cool to break it down like you do. You're the man Marty!

  13. don’t suppose anyone knows the name of marty’s outro theme?

  14. Who else here filled in the break at 0:36 by singing "Good lord I feel like I'm dying" in their best Gregg Allman impression?

  15. Instead of I've got blisters on my fingers, its more that I've got nanowebs (R) on my fingers. Good job Marty!

  16. I would really like if at the beginning of your lessons you would put your tone/pedal settings in the bottom right hand corner of the screen! Your videos are all amazing and adding that little detail would make them even better! Thanks Marty!

  17. Can you teach me how to write a song like this?

  18. We miss Duane Allman

  19. Hey what’s up Marty! I was wondering if you could break down some John Prine or Uriah Heep

  20. My first comment. Great job breaking down and teaching a song with multiple parts, different beets and multiple guitar parts. I've been playing this song for years and have always used an Amajor scale for that last build up where you show the correct way using a Dorian scale plus an extra 1/2 step note. I knew an Amajor scale wasn't quite right, but could never figure it out. One of the reasons the ABB has always intrigued me is their use of less common rock/blues scales such as Dorian and the way they used to bounce back and forth between major and minor pentatonic scales. This ping-pong between major and minor scales took me years to figure out on my own. No tab or vids back then 🙂 Great job. Thanks!!

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