Always (Kristian Stanfill – Passion: Here For You) Electric Guitar Lesson

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  1. how do you get your delay repeats to.. make that sort of scratch/screetchy sound?

  2. ATTN GUITAR PLAYERS.  I found a formula online to get milliseconds for delay.  If you know the tempo of a song use this formula 45 divided by tempo=dotted eight note delay (U2, Hillsong) 90 divided by tempo=eight note delay

  3. Hi, can you give a detail all pedals you used for this song?

  4. This is how I wish all lessons were! Easy, slow, and straight to the point with some explanation on why this that way! Awesome job! I'll definitely be looking at some more of your videos! Thank you and God bless!!

  5. Awesome video, thanks!

  6. Found a converter, looks like 435 milliseconds. Interesting. I don't think I've ever used a delay pedal with type of note and bpm as settings.

  7. What is an 1/8 note delay (69 bpm)? Aren't delays normally in milliseconds? How many milliseconds is 69bpm? Thank you for the tutorial, this is great.

  8. Nice video. The song was simple enough, but learning it with all the nuance makes it sound so much better! Thanks!

  9. sorry I still can't make out the chord you were playing at 3:42. Was it G?

  10. sorry but i didn't see any video from this post. Did you mean to show me a picture?

  11. What are you using to get the effects for the guitar, is it the effects from the amp or something else?

  12. Oh, and it's a Morgan RCA35

  13. The chord on "I will…" in the chorus is a G#m. I'm playing it like this:

  14. Hi, I am trying to figure out the chord you were playing at "I will". Can you tell me the fingering? I'm literally learning by looking at the youtube, but my screen resolution is not so good.

  15. What kind of amp do you have?

  16. Very nice tone, and great lesson as well. That Morgan sounds wonderful. God bless!

  17. Going to be playing this next week in my church youth band, thanks for the tutorial man! It is such a great help!

  18. thank you so much, such a big help. god bless!!

  19. hey man, any chance i could exact chord shapes for the chorus section? I'm pretty sure I have them correct but I just want to be sure.

  20. Now that I see the Morgan, I understand why everything sounds so good… Thanks for the help…

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