Always On My Mind – Elvis Presley – Beginner Easy Guitar Lesson Tutorial (BS-921)

Always On My Mind - Elvis Presley - Beginner Easy Guitar Lesson Tutorial (BS-921)

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Always On My Mind – Elvis Presley
More info:
In this guitar lesson tutorial we’re going to learn Always On My Mind by Elvis Presley, The King. Lovely song to play this, nice feel and fun to sing. Lesson ID BS-921.

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  1. He's terrible.

  2. good god man.. your singing is terrible… but i came here to learn to play it and i did so thanks.

  3. Justin can you do a lesson on Arsonist's Lullaby, please

  4. Trying to find How to Play "Get Here" on guitar. Only see Piano. Can you help, Justin?

  5. Hey Justin, nice lesson. Love this tune a lot. I play it with eights downstrokes and 16´s at the last beat. I try to immitate the piano a Little bit. Your chords are easy and I like to use it. The song was written by Mark James direct for Elvis.

  6. Thanks justin again on the lessons

  7. Omg the singing is horrible please stop

  8. I love your Lessons !! would be cool if you do more Elvis or HANK WILLIAMS !!

    ******Merry Christmas from Austria*******

  9. The song is written by Mark James not by Willie Nelson. But anyway an amazing lesson Justin.

  10. Embert van Uitregt

    Justin also thanks for your lessons and together with ultimate guitar and the nice and clear way makes a beginner guitar player a lots of fun in learning.

  11. i saw some of your lessons,and so far i can say you seems to me as one decent and remarkable person..nice tutoring,cheers

  12. I live the Elvis Presley tutorials you're doin! you should upload a tutorial on "One Night (with you)" by The King, Elvis Presley

  13. Kjkkjnl

  14. Elvis might have covered this song, but Willie Nelson's wrote it.

  15. I'm learning to play the guitar by following your video congratulations from Italy.

  16. Ensina/tutorial da música IS IT OKAY IF I CALL YOU MINE, please


    Just great Justin u give clear  guitar lessons ,i have learn allot from u
    thank u so much greetings from Holland.
    and may be we met one day on my tour in 2017 in the UK
    my friend..have fun
    give a Child an instrument or a pet and he she will grow up as a good human beeing
    Ron Jesse

  18. look it's Norm McDonald, good job on the song, Norm!

  19. That stupid aspca commercial ruined this song for me .

  20. Please finger style!

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