Always On My Mind – Willie Nelson – Guitar Lesson

This video contains a preview play through of the lesson followed by a detailed breakdown of how to play the song.
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  1. Hi mr sorefingers
    Great lesson again, any chance you could do (this summer) by Sqeeze, I can’t find the tab anywhere, keep up the good work, Antony

  2. thanks Ivor one of my wifes favs

  3. A great song. Thank you for this tutorial.

  4. Thank you much for this, Ivor! Beautiful job. Love the run ups and downs work. Helps me very much to get this one down!

  5. Dumoulin Guillaume

    Hi Ivor, I've been on Youtube for many years, but this is the first time I post a comment on a video. The reason is that I love your channel and your lessons are certainly the best I have ever found on this platform, and your covers and the way you play guitar and sing are what I look for in music: feelings, emotions and sharing, things humanity needs today.
    (Could you do a new lesson on Bob Dylan or a song from the Clapton MTV Unplugged? It would be great! )
    I wish you the best and thank you very much for your channel and your perfect work.

    (I apologize for my possible errors, I am French and I don't speak English very well, I hope I haven't said too much nonsense.)

  6. Awesome in a word! Thanks for sharing a clear and precise lesson on this great tune of my favourite artist. Willie a true Living American Legend.

  7. hello love your lessons can you do a tutorial on hold you in my arms by ray lamontagne

  8. Brilliant interpretation Ivor; a must learn.
    Cheers Mate,

  9. stuck at home can’t go out these lessons are a godsend thanks Ivor. kevin

  10. Another great lesson ivor did you check lifestyle a long song by Jethro tull it's a good one for acoustic guitar

  11. You are the best teacher on YouTube. God bless you with a long life.

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