Amazing guitar lesson – Basic Melodic Phrasing Part 1- By Jim Pagel

Part 1 of Basic Melodic Phrasing with instructor Jim Pagel of
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  1. you've just shown me something I've always wanted to figure out….. I've always wanted to learn to create beautiful solos like Keith Scott and Joe Perry but I'm always stuck in the pentatonic shape thank you very much.

  2. That was really cool!! made perfect sense to me (ive been a beginner for years – watched tonnes of youtube clips etc) – other than learning chords and knowing what keys make up the chord then the scale (Major) the key is in – would learning all notes up and down the fret board be the right track to go on so you know where to slide to or hold?? would that be the right progression 1. chord 2. keys that make up chord 3. all fret board keys

  3. Jimmy, you are f$#@ing awesome. It was a pleasure to play with you in Gunfighter.

  4. excellent the best

  5. wow! thanks! awesome stuff! finally! best one! yet!:-)

  6. Thanks for the upload!
    Learned a lot from it

  7. been playing for 20 years…. i like the vibe of the lesson, but you got really intricate out of nowhere and kind of lead people to believe it is easy. i think it is easy, but it wasn't back then!

  8. great lesson dude, thx!

  9. Very nice lesson Jim. I've been playing for a year now. I learned a lot of theory, scales, patterns, etc. For me it has been hit or miss with playing scales over chords. Some days I make music, some days I make noise. I'm going to dig in, learn the names of the notes on the fretboard as I play, and focus on landing notes that compliment the chord being played. This approach seems obvious now, after I I took you lesson. That's why we have teachers! Thanks again!

  10. Hi Jim, that was so helpful…. I can't believe how you help me ..thank you so much…

  11. Love your teaching style. Thanks so much!

  12. This is the FIRST TIME, since I've been browsing through the instructional realm on YouTube, that someone actually said something beyond simply playing a scale that matches the chord and/or key.

    Now I don't have to do it. Big thanks! And you did it in 2010. It should be the #1 approach by now!?!?!? Go figure.

  13. thanks anyway, 🙂 but you/we play with feel, scales are something the boring teacher comes out with,remember "god" gave us music, enjoy and play how you feel

  14. Thanks for the video man I know what I have to learn now

  15. Jim… I'm new to your channel here, and somehow this is the first time I've watched one of your videos.

    After watching literally thousands of instructional soloing videos from over one hundred teachers, I can honestly say that this video is right up there among the best.

    The way you present the concept of targeting chord tones and using the major scale to play melodic solos is excellent.

    This can be an initially tough concept for those who have learned the minor pentatonic scales and want to demystify the major scales.

    I can't wait to peruse your other videos.

  16. This is a great lesson, and that guitar is so hot right now

  17. Hi ! Great video. Thanks. What are the effects your are using ? wich pedal ? an overdrive and a delay, but wich delay ?

  18. thank you so Much, i hope , i can improve my melody

  19. simple explanation, but really helping me to learn. thanks

  20. Very helpful and really simple explanation, thanks for the post.

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