Amazing Triads Trick | Suddenly Play Chords All Over The Fretboard! (Guitar Lesson)

Today we check out an amazing triads trick – this will allow you to suddenly play chords all over the fretboard! By visualizing the root, third and fifth for every voicing you will be able to build amazing chord progressions with tight spacing and unique sounds.

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  1. Bernth Brodträger

    Studying triads will allow you to suddenly play chords all over the fretboard! As soon as you can locate the root, third and fifth in every voicing your fretboard visualization will improve drastically – and then it's time add the sevenths and more extensions. Make sure to come back next week for the minor triads 🙂

  2. How do I know what note is the root? I’ve been told that it’s typically the lowest note being played, but I see here you can re-arrange the notes so you start with the major 3rd being the lowest or the 5th. How do I know when they become new chords with a new root, or if they are just different voicings of the same chord? I hope that made sense lol

  3. Thank you Bernth!!!!

  4. Your a really good teacher brother.

  5. Your a really good teacher brother.

  6. Your a really good teacher brother.

  7. Just a small idea triads are sitting in the open chirds so caged systém already show how triads move one just needs to kick out octave reputed notes

  8. Hi new sub love your teaching method can't place your accent. Swedish? But thinking Belgium

  9. Nice work.

  10. Always worthy! I know this quite well, so I'll opine to anyone reading:

    Root on top sounds normal, 5th on top sounds rhythmic but fairly normal. Putting 3rd on top alters the sound a bit and can be used to walk the bassline, Like D major to A major (with C# lowest) to Bm.

  11. Can you do a tutorial on your intro?

  12. An interesting (and a bit more advanced exercise) is setting a metronome, and on each beat, play a different triad. Of course, playing the triads on all strings and all over the neck. Bonus points for applying this exercise to not only major triads, but also minor, dominant and diminished triads!

    Do this 15min every day, and you will get an immense knowledge about the fretboard and triads, which will get you really easily to extended chords and voicings.

  13. Christopher Miller

    Dude you have the best lesson channel on YouTube. Every video brings so much value for anyone who plays guitar. Please consider making a video for 7 string guitars. I have one but have never really fell in love with playing it. I'm sure with your knowledge and capabilities you could open up some ideas for 7 string guys. Thanks Bernth keep it going man.

  14. Thanks Bernth, man I've learnt so much from you since I found your channel a few months back, you explain everything so on point and clearly its awesome.  
    I just left New Zealand to come home to UK after 5 years there, you as a person and your style looks strangely identical to my best friend I had out there, and I miss him a lot. so your videos are a double welcome for me, plus i gotta just say how goddamn awesome your dreads are.

  15. A simple but very meaningful lesson..thanks

  16. Wow nice

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