An Incredible Country Solo from One Simple Lick | Guitar Lesson

An Incredible Country Solo from One Simple Lick | Guitar Lesson

In this video I look at how you might build a country-style solo by developing a single lick through a chord progression. A really useful thing to try if you’re struggling getting from licks to more fully realised musical statements. Tab/music right here:

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  1. If you fancy moving to a grimy northern town please let me know as house next door is not in use. 🙂

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  3. Really trying to learn this. Damn you for making it look so easy. Thanks for posting love your lessons.

  4. Great great lesson. Aren’t you the guy who did those awesome VU lessons too?

  5. What fender amp are you using?

  6. Play Amazing Guitar


  7. I Love it! I'll be practicing that for a while.

  8. your awesome Adrian, good lesson

  9. any tabs. please

  10. Thanks so much, I"ve been playing your solo for three days in a row, just now getting it down. I'll be transferring it to the keys of E and A and be playing your licks for the rest of my life : )

  11. Damn, 314 people that don't like a good lick

  12. Should i be able to now solfège for that ? : )

  13. Just found your channel and this one video is pure country gold ! Great job ! … New sub 🙂

  14. Thanks Adrian; what a bluegrass revival lesson this one was…!

  15. Very nice…..Lickety split ! Wa a-a hl lee-ak mah Ayuz ! Good one cowboy !

  16. Great lesson young man

  17. im subbing just because of the joke. humor is important. not really, i just learned the blues lick so on to the next. good lessons.

  18. Sorry, for the life of me I can’t figure out/find the link to the tablature on the iPad. Is it not available on the iPad app?

  19. What year/ model is your tele? What is the neck profile?

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