An Introduction To Triplets For Bass Guitar

An Introduction To Triplets For Bass Guitar

Simple Steps To Sight Reading Details:

When most people think of reading music the first thing that springs to mind is usually pitch: The actual notes on the stave and how they correspond to the instrument.

But that’s actually a pretty small part of learning to read. There are only so many notes on the bass but there are a near limitless number of different rhythms.

Rhythm is what makes music. Without any rhythm we’d just have notes in stasis. So rhythm is an essential part of learning to read. Because of this, reading can have an absolutely huge impact on our overall playing ability. Our approach to rhythmic subdivision, our rhythmic independence and our overall musical vocabulary all benefit from this area of study.

This week sees the release of the 2nd edition of the Simple Steps To Sight Reading course over at Talkingbass. Rhythm is an important part of the course and in this lesson we’re going to look at an example from level 5 dealing with Triplets.

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  1. loved the lesson, but it looks like your face was used to clean a chimney

  2. Ye Olde Polski

    What guitar is that. Can u show me the link

  3. irfan pratista

    bro, your face remind me of a mike posner

  4. Thanks for the lesson sir!! Awesome

  5. Я просто обожаю этот канал, Марк лучший!

  6. Les Claypool huh?

  7. nice tan

  8. Warren Brunskill

    Hi Mark – is counting 1 &a for a triplet potentially a little bit confusing? What I mean is that in a 16th note subdivision, 1 e & a 2 e & a…. all the subdivisions are obviously equally spaced 16th notes. By counting 1 &a evenly as you did, implies an even note spacing, which of course a triplet has. However 1 &a is not an evenly spaced grouping. Notated, 1 &a is not the same as a triplet. As a drummer (mainly), playing 1 &a is more of a shuffle feel, not a straight triplet feel. Obviously, I realise that you know all this stuff inside out, but it might be a little bit confusing counting a triplet as 1 &a in the way you did. You are a fantastic teacher rhough – the best out there!

  9. What guitar is that? I’m a newer player haha

  10. 3 and 5 Fitness

    You can also count it 1 trip let 2 trip let etc back around to the downbeat much easier as opppsed to 1 123 2 123..etc…js

  11. What about with 8th notes triplets in 7/8 key signature?(or 9/8, 11/8 etc). How it's the rhythmic value in that case? It last for 2 beats?

  12. How much this bass guitar ?)i aslo played in ibanez ,very nice …
    Thanks for video, l enjoing))

  13. Mark + rickenbacker = amazing

  14. Isaac Battleroyale

    The cool guitar

  15. Isaac Battleroyale


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