ANASTASIA by SLASH | Acoustic Introduction Lesson |With GUITAR TABS

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I have had a few requests for this and so I spent a few hours before work today filming and editing this.

I have slowed it right down for you guys and put the tabs on the screen! Hope that helps. Slash may play it differently or in a differernt position. In my previous videos I think I played it slightly differently which shows you how many differernt ways you can play the same thing on a guitar! None are wrong – find what is easiest for you!


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Mixed, performed & edited by Karl Golden

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  1. omarjuan camachocadena

    que afinacion es? de todas las cuerdas?

  2. play at x2 speed and you have something beautiful and more easier to understand…

  3. Nice lesson bro!!

  4. Gustavo M. de Oliveira


  5. Miguel Jaramillo Rosado

    how do i put my fingers in 00:44 i'm not so sure about it. People are saying different things about the tab

  6. there's one I don't understand at 0:44 Karl seems to be playing sth other what is shown in the tab. I know that same notes can be found at different positions but what is Karl really playing there!?

    now I realise – the tab shows Cm dim chord followed by G#7 chord but +Karl Golden is playing C dim for two beats

    that's when a bit of theory comes in handy…

  7. Very nice, dude!
    Can you tell me what afination did you use to play it? 

    Thanks 🙂

  8. alguien me pude ayudar y darme el orden de los acordes , se los agradecería muchísimo 

  9. Thank you for not starting the Dm in the 5th position like 99% of the internet

  10. It would help if I could see your fingers

  11. Really nice tab, but for the last part (0:44) i would prefer – and if it could help someone:

  12. nothing matches…

  13. This is a nice lesson but it don't really match up well with the record version

  14. correction at 00.45 first is not 5 but 3

  15. what tuning?

  16. help please you fingers and the tab don't seem to match up at  0:45 what should i follow? 

  17. muy bueno

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