And I Love Her – THE BEATLES – Guitar Lesson – Beginners

And I Love Her - THE BEATLES - Guitar Lesson - Beginners

TABS FOR THIS LESSON:—And-I-Love-Her.php How to play AND I LOVE HER by The Beatles, easy song! With tabs in the video to follow.
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  1. Bravo !!!

  2. Why so hard

  3. Instead of regular E (and F) it is better to use E6 (and F6).
    From Russia with Like!

  4. Great video thank u sir!

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  6. Great! Thanks a lot Bobby!
    Dave in the Adirondacks

  7. Hey man, great video. Much easier being able to see what the chords are and watch you actually play. Makes it much easier! New sub here! Thanks!

  8. wish i was a semi tone higher

  9. denilson garcia ramirez

    Gooood video!!!!!
    Este video me ayudo a aflojar panochas!!!!!

  10. nice teaching,,,,,,,thnks

  11. I'm sorry but you are wrong in your strumming pattern. It should be , down, down ,down ,up ,down up.If you watch John when he plays in Hard Days Night, you will see the pattern. Just trying to help.Good video though.

  12. You explain this very well, thank you!

  13. Great lesson! Thanks!

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