Andy Timmons Guitar Lesson – #17 Phrasing – Electric Expression

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  1. great player but listening wares you out .the playing I mean the lessons great also .

  2. Thanks, you're right about pauses and avoiding "run ons" for sure. I see guitar videos all over youtube with players that have great technique and that are fully capable of great guitar solos but they don't pause enough to give the ear time to rest. I'm guilty of this too and I strive to fix this problem. I notice that playing those rhythmic sections with chords almost does as much justice as a pause where you would just play nothing. The rhythmic chords you apply to the middle of your solo allows the listener (in my opinion) to rest their ear momentarily and gives some breathing room and time anticipate the next phrase instead of hammering the listener over the head with run on sentences. great video thanks again!

  3. Hey Andy my name is Rob and really enjoyed the lesson it helps me understand some key elements of music, also where I'm at musically and where I kinda need to go and what to work on to achieve my goals. but I want to break things down a little further kinda and ask a deeper question that I'm struggling with a little at the moment. and I am open to hear any feedback from yourself or anyone else for that matter. So, I definitely understand and agree that singing or humming while working on music, with any instrument, absolutely helps with a few of the key elements of music when trying to compose music that works melodically, is effective in getting the message/expression across, capturing emotion, and doing all of these things In the most efficient ways. it is a very effective, but simple approach and thank u for sharing. but what I struggle with is when I have a musical idea in my head or even when I can hum or sing some sound that I really love and would work great in a piece of music, I can't seem to manipulate my instrument to thoroughly get that idea translated into music. I can play the guitar/piano comfortably, I've learned and studied alot and have an above knowledge of music theory in my opinion, I know my scales, intervals and roles they can play, and I am obsessed with music frankly lol. given all this and given the knowledge I have i can't seem to figure out comfortably what component of music theory, or what elements or techniques I need to pull out of the bag to actually make the sounds I want. example: I know that if I am working on some music and I need to figure out what notes make up a particular chord for example, I can go back to the circle of fifths or some of my charts or something to know exactly what notes are in some of the more "complex" chords. to go further, I might do that because I'm using one of those "complex" chords in my progression, and I'm wanting to know each note in the chords just so I know what my chord tones and leading tones etc. are so I can use notes to create suspense or resolution for example. so what can I lean on to make my sounds happen. do I just use my techniques( bends, slides, hammer ons etc.) in different ways until I create a sound for example or is there something I missed along the way. lengthy post huh, yea I'm a complex individual lol. it's hard for me to put my problems into words so I hope everyone can interpret it. I will keep moving forward and keep rocking, and keep the shit coming Andy it's helping guys like me make this thing happen. thanks again

  4. Just incredible. Awe inspiring playing.

  5. The more I hear this cat playing, the more he's becoming a new favorite! Thanks True Fire! BTW, are the jam tracks that come with the packages spelled out in charts? Just curious. Thanks!

  6. Thank you Andy!

  7. Yeah, Andy is such an amazing guitarist. I could listen to him all day.

  8. Poetry in motion, Truly one of my favorite guitar players, bar none! Thank you Andy!

  9. Kick ass lesson. Really helpful.

  10. Interesting thing is he isn't doing anything real fancy during the solo at 7:44 (no string skipping, tapping sweeps, etc)…just good old fashioned pentatonic licks with some bends, arpeggios, octaves and double stops. He just does them with a groove and phrasing talent few have. Hope he records another solo album in the vein of "Resolution".

  11. what gear is using to get his clean and distort tone?

  12. the phrasing he starts at 7:42 strikes like lightning, very unique technique.

  13. guaaargrghh… this guys playing is out of this world, soo elegant.

  14. holy shit that was amazing

  15. I remember Andy back in Miami, donks ago. He used to play in a top 40band and solo over Boy George songs..these exxxxxxxtennnnnded solos. He was big into Lukather then, and would shred and shred. It was great! Soulful! Aside from his guitar playing, it's his feckin HAIR that doesn't seem to budge ….even at 51, he has that 20yrold looking hair, and it ain't a "LA hair-piece," either! lolol

  16. It's funny that I always return to this video LESSON only to listen to this 7:47 great solo :)

  17. Yea Andy Timmons… I like watch all his videos, his expression is amazing, he is so IN DA GROOVE, has good phrasing, melodic ideas, and right touch at the right time, one of my top 10 guitarist for a long time !!! 

  18. Of course there's no thumbs down on this video. 

    GAH he's so good

  19. dont you phrase the words of the song?

  20. Holy shit that last improv was off the hook! Can't wait to steal some ideas from that!

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