Andy Timmons Guitar Lesson – #7 Arpeggios & Triads – Electric Expression

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  1. Great posts. All of them

  2. How are you getting that great sound? Amp. pedal? Very cool

  3. Andy is great, a great guitarist and great teacher

  4. ty Mr Timmons I myself don't like those neo classic arpegs myself to me they are a technique that is way overused and thus contain no true musicality  id rather listen to you and relax in your awesome tones and the emotions u present awesome as u are sir

  5. Awesome ideas. Also, what kind of pickups are those ?

  6. This guys is such a bad ass…….just amazing

  7. Akili Alexander

    Why are notes like the flatted 6th not as popular in blues? Is it just me to find it odd that blues tends to be an over emphasis on thirds?

  8. Great lessons

  9. Huh?

  10. Great focus in soloing…,diatonic,sauced,,articulated,creative,using chord tones,unable to miss involved tones. 

  11. anthony mallia

    thumbs up buddy that guitar is awesome man great lesson thankx and happy christmas

  12. They are the same thing. They share the same notes if it's diminished.
    E, G, Bb, Db – Edim
    Bb, Db, E, G – Bbdim

    All a minor third apart.

  13. You played E dim triad and called it Bb dim, luckily I knew it was meant to be E dim but not sure others would know that, I enjoy your playing by the way.

  14. Benjamin galster

    as always he makes it look so easy…

  15. Eddy Peñalver

    very good.andy is a wonderfull musician,

  16. Great lesson. Great tone. TY.

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