Andy Wood Chord Melody Guitar Lesson Part 1 of 4 – Guitar Breakdown – How To Play

Andy Wood Chord Melody Guitar Lesson Part 1 of 4 … Solo Guitar Georgia on My Mind

Click the link below to watch this the super talented Andy Wood play this chord melody himself …

Fast forward to 1:07 of the above link if you want to see it immediately … but i’d suggest watching the whole video … it’s good stuff.

In this four part guitar lesson we’re gonna breakdown a great little chord melody by Andy Wood. If you are not familiar with Andy, just do a quick search on youTube and you will find loads of videos with his amazing guitar playing. This guy is awesome. He actually started out early on as a mandolin player playing bluegrass. And has translated a lot of what he learned on that instrument to his exceptional guitar technique. He has done a great job of mixing Brent Mason, Albert Lee, with Van Halen, Steve Vai, and Eric Johnson into his own style.

I first stumbled upon mr Andy Wood a few years back and have been checking the youTube for video uploads of Andy every so often since then. He always plays at least a handful of ideas that catch my ear immediately.

This guy is a really talented guitar player and I look forward to doing some more guitar lessons based on some of the other videos i’ve seen on the youTube.

As for this guitar lesson, we are going to breakdown this short chord melody that is based on the song Georgia or Georgia on My Mind (i’m horrible with names). But it’s a great blues melody. The chords are based around a jazz blues progression. I chose this chord melody to start as a nice introduction to the whole solo guitar chord melody thing … for those that might not be used to playing this kind of thing. But it is also advanced enough to keep the interest for the more seasoned guitar players watching. It’s just a fun little chordal composition to add to your playing arsenal.

It’s a familiar melody, very recognizable … with a simple but cool chordal arrangement. There are no crazy walking bass lines or tricky fingerings, just a nice combination of chords and melody. I do introduce a few of my own tweaks to this at the end with a few chord voicings that i preferred. However I do also walk through the chords that Andy chose to play. And at the end there is a cool arpeggio run that some of the guitarists that want to see how you can mix nice chord playing with some fun lead guitar runs might get a kick out of.

Alright on to the lesson … I hope you guys enjoy this guitar breakdown. We have had a lot of request for lessons on solo guitar chord melody stuff, and harmony theory … so we will be doing a lot more of these in the future. The next one up will be a lesson on a tune called A Ballad of Triangles by Don Mock. It’s an awesome study of triads over base notes. I remember learning this in music school and it opened my world up to so many new things that I hadn’t previously thought about.

Also if you are interested in exploring more on the subject of chord melody or solo acoustic guitar stuff definitely check out Tuck Andress, Tuck and Patti, Michael Hedges, Joe Pass, Andy McKee, Herb Ellis, Wes Montgomery, Barney Kessel, Bill Frisell, Howard Morgen, Ron Eschete, Jim Hall and don’t forget the MASTER … Ted Greene.

To name just a few.

I look forward to that guitar lesson … I hope you guys stick around for it.

Taught by David Clayton

Alright … Lets get it on.

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  1. Honestly man. Thank you for your time. Its a good lesson once it gets going but if you dont want to add fee content, dont. YouTube is how the world is now and your viewers are trying to tell you something. Get over yourself and listen to your audience. Less talk man. Less talk

  2. I was uninterested until the the sweep lol

  3. I hear ya

  4. Mariano Quiñonez

    blab blabalbalbalbalbalbalbalbalblabla

  5. Thanks for watching and for the loving our videos! Yeah, I've seen a bit of Greg's playing … he's a smoking player. I think he does a good amount of teaching himself … not sure what I would teach of his.

  6. love your videos man! you should do a video on the stuff Greg Koch plays! that mad man is insanely good!

  7. Glad you enjoyed. Did you ever get the tab/lesson from him? Thanks for watching and hope you stick around for more.

  8. Awesome! I remember requesting a tab/lesson for this when I saw him play it on one the Suhr amp demos

  9. Very cool chordal stuff … it is on the list to do!

  10. /watch?v=Lu9TIlTUR58 —videos like this(Eric gales little wing) are cool because he does the cool chords and the little runs in between. I love this stuff.

  11. Thank you for subscribing and sticking around with us for so long. It really does mean a lot! Glad you are digging what we are doing. As for Eric Gales … he is on the list (actually recently there was a tomo fujita and eric gales jam posted … and there is a cool lick tomo plays that eric mimics … I was thinking of doing a lesson on that). Let us know if there is something specific that you would like to see.

  12. I am a longtime subscriber. i have learned a lot from your channel. i really dig how you teach us stuff we cant learn anywhere else. i would love it if you could do an Eric Gales style lesson?

  13. I've been wondering that myself … where the hell you been man! kidding! Thank you for checking us out and the comment!

  14. How the hell have I missed this channel? Been wanting to get into more chord type of stuff for ages…thank youuuuuuu!

  15. Thanks for your continued support pendragone !

  16. Hey zaulkin … Thanks for watching this lesson. Yeah, a lot of guys use that technique … Lenny Breau, Michael Hedges, Tuck Andress to name a few. It's basically playing a note/chord then with your right hand hitting a harmonic 12 frets further up the neck. I discuss this in part 4 of this lesson. If you search "Lenny Breau Harmonics" you should find more videos on the subject. We'll probably do a lesson on this also in the future. Hope that helped.

  17. And this is why I think our channel has the greatest group of folks subscribing to us … time and time again … you all crack us up! Yeah, got attacked by the razor and this was the result … lol. Thank you also for the kind words and glad you enjoyed the lesson. We really appreciate you sticking around all these months and continuing to watch us yap about stuff!

  18. Excellent!!! Thanks for this 😉

  19. Holy crap, I've been trying to figure out if you are the same guy as the one that does the guthrie lessons, because if so, you might have found the fountain of youth in the form of a razor! If not, dont mind this comment!

    Great playing man, I love chord-melodys and the feel is perfect1

  20. Thanks SumLaeta … Glad you enjoyed !

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