Angie Guitar Lesson – The Rolling Stones – Acoustic – Complete Song

Angie Guitar Lesson - The Rolling Stones - Acoustic - Complete Song

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In this video guitar lesson you will learn “Angie” by The Rolling Stones in it’s entirety.

This beautiful acoustic tune is played with multiple guitars, but we will learn how to recreate them for just one acoustic guitar part.

In this Angie guitar lesson we will not only focus on the chords but the various fills done by Keith Richards as well.

Having said that, this Angie guitar lesson is pretty straight forward and easily approachable by just about any level of guitarist. There are a few more difficult thumb chords throughout, but other than that it should be pretty smooth sailing for anyone who knows their basic chords.

Have fun with this Angie guitar lesson! It is definitely a campfire classic!
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  1. I’ve said it on your other videos but I need to say it again. You are awesome and thanks for making guitar playing fun

  2. I learned this Beatles song from YouTube after studying two YouTube Lessons
    Can you guess what song I am referring to?
    Paul McCartney was playing the acoustic guitar on this one.

  3. Would be nice to know the key for the song and what chords each shape represent or whatever. just a bit more theory

  4. Thank you so very much!! Your teaching is excellent.I am now subscribed to your channel; keep up the great work!

  5. for the riff being slower and than faster. it just depends on how much smack Keith was using during the recording!

  6. genial man!

  7. Hotel california please!!!

  8. Alexander Roelofs

    I cant get the gsus 4 somehow

  9. good job, classic song and fun to play

  10. Никита Винштейн

    Спасибо товарищ.

  11. Me gustan tus lecciones, pero solo me quedo con la visualización de tus dedos y el sonido de notas y acordes, me puedo apañar, pero sería fantástico traducción al español, con todos mis respetos, no sé ingles. de todas formas gracias por tus tutoriales.

  12. Great tutorial, thanks a lot this is so much helpful !

  13. Can u please include the strumming?

  14. Always wanted to know that intro, great job

  15. Portuguese subtitle please

  16. Thank- U !!  LOVE IT!! It's So Authentique……. I wish I can sing  It  LOL….  TFS  :O)

  17. thanks for doing this!!

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