Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd Part 1 Guitar Lesson

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Thanks again for checking out this quick guitar lesson on how to play Another Brick in the Wall part 1 by Pink Floyd!

Keep up the practice!




  1. thank you

  2. Yes . yes i'm learn it already ,, another brick in my wall, thank you .

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  4. Love your cat! My cat meows when I play my guitar. I'm always curious to know whether she means she loves it or hates it lol ;)

  5. My oriental shorthairs love pink Floyd too. Awesome kitter and lesson.

  6. Dimitris Armenis

    it helped me very much , im going to make a guitar cover of this song subscribe me to keep in touch with my videos thanks

  7. whats the strumming pattern on d minor?

  8. 4:09 That cat want to kill me…i see that in his eyes

  9. cat rock you with pink floyd..

  10. Thank you! now I can play at my guitar another brick in the wall all parts!! 😀 

  11. I see: Trying to cash in on the popularity of cat videos without being a cat video. Very clever!

  12. I dont understand the rhtym can ı explain ? like; d u u d ?

  13. Lucifer sam :D

  14. Yeah “jay” Yeah

    Pretty good and your pretty cute as well.

  15. Imposible to learned !! because the cat watch me !!! i love this cat !! see you :)

  16. Hey great tutorial! And cool that u replied lots of comments

  17. That cat in the background rocks ! m/

  18. you'r a  very good teacher. many thanks of France my friend. all the best. gilles.

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