Aqualung Guitar Lesson Jethro Tull

Mark Brennan from plays and sings this classic rock song. Go to:

for the full 1 hour and 7 minute in depth song lesson. .

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  1. One minute into this video, I hit the subscribe button.

  2. Vanessa Doofenshmirtz

    This is amazing sir thanks a lot for This lesson do you mind adopting me

  3. Awesome job Mark! I've always been in awe of Ian Anderson's acoustic guitar playing. He has the best picking and smoothest delivery that I can think of. This, and other Tull classics are some of the best music out there…I'd love to see Thick as a Brick!

  4. Right on ☆☆☆☆☆

  5. 69 thumbs down? This is amazing.

  6. Changed my mind your version is more fluid. Love this fkin song. Represents a time we all remember fondly

  7. Gotta be me a tease Now go to my site. I knew it already. There are others guys and accurate nothing personal jam trac

  8. Geez, outside of teaching…. what a fantastic cover!

  9. Dang impressive guitar work and vocals. That lead riff is oh so daunting though. I'll have to come back and watch again to see if I can pick up anything from what seems way beyond my abilities. Again, fabulous cover. Cheers.

  10. excellent!

  11. Nice job sir.

  12. Great. Thank you.

  13. wow huh? never get tired of this video..To say "good job" is an understatement…more like "far out!!!"… lol

  14. Awesome cover!

  15. That was EXCELLENT.! Thanks so much!!!

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