Arctic Monkeys – Do i Wanna know? (Bass Tutorial with TABS)

Arctic Monkeys - Do i Wanna know? (Bass Tutorial with TABS)
Sorry for a lack of Tutorials last days, I was very busy finishing my university, but i’m finally done! I promise I will start posting at least one video a week like i did before 🙂
Here goes new Arctic monkeys single – Do i Wanna know? Bass Tutorial with Tabs 🙂 The song isn’t very fast, so i didn’t do slow version 🙂
Cheers friends!
Bas Shiver

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  1. I want to play so bad , but can u do ash greninja theme it sounds so fucking awesome plz check it out

  2. raudhatusshalihin pptq

    i wanna this tab link, can u give me?

  3. What are your amp settings in this??


    i watched it in speed 2 and it was impressive

  5. Micaela Zeppelin

    I have a Rickenbacker too

  6. that is a lot to remember, great job.

  7. Can you put the tabs on top? It will be freaking awesome if u do.
    Cuz some of us can't see it properly

  8. Hey what kind of Bass is that. Link plz

  9. Hey bro can you teach it to us step by step is kind of hard to play as a beginner
    Thank you man your really good

  10. Captain Jack Harkness

    This is fucking awesome, thanks dude!!

  11. your tab says 105 but you do 106 the A string at the start of the pre-chorus

  12. Ezequiel AgĂĽero

    Nice Ric bro

  13. Ezequiel AgĂĽero

    Nice Ric bro

  14. I want your fucking fingers

  15. yeah mate!

  16. Enrique Martinez

    dat tone!

  17. Sweet!! Rock out!!!!

  18. that sound <3 OMG I jizz in my pants

  19. Really good tutorial, very clear and easy to follow! Thank you!

  20. more please, ur a splendid bassist 

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