Arctic Monkeys Do I Wanna Know? Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

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Breaking down Do I Wanna Know by Arctic Monkeys on electric guitar for today’s lesson. Check it out!

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  1. Could you please do "Munky River" by the Presidents, or another song by them as I can't find a good tutorial ANYWHERE.

  2. Green Arcichella

    Can you cover Mississippi queen

  3. hey Marty thank you for all your lessons, they really help me a lot in learning guitar playing! im a huge rhcp fan too, and all your tutorials of their songs are really helpful, but unfortunantly i cant find any tutorials (of yours) of songs from „One Hot Minute” – i really would love to learn some of them! would you consider that?

  4. Through the Fire and Flames.
    Enough said.

  5. Awesome tutorial Marty it’d be really cool if you did a tutorial of Still Beating by Mac Demarco there are no good tutorials out there for that song and the guitar is really good on it.

  6. Road of Shadows by Eredaze

  7. Road of Shadows by Eredaze

  8. Road of Shadows by Eredaze

  9. Road of Shadows by Eredaze

  10. Road of Shadows by Eredaze

  11. Gabriel Chattaway

    Do you think you could do a lesson on Green Day's "Outlaws"? That'd be sick!

  12. You should do A certain Shade of Green Acoustic Version – Incubus!

  13. do i bet you look good the dancefloor

  14. Christian Clark

    Please could u play pinball wizard in your next vid

  15. Hey Marty! Can you do Eight Days a Week by The Beatles?

  16. Hey Marty you should do some songs by Zac Brown Band

  17. Can’t wait to play around with this, can you do a tutorial on bloody angel by avatar?

  18. I love this song but I only have an acoustic guitar rn, would this video translate to acoustic well?

  19. The great OutBros

    Will you please please do don’t hold me by Dean Lewis pleaseee

  20. Frank Nitschmann

    Hey Marty can you please do a review on a GWL guitar George Washburn limited

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