AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME Justin Bieber Guitar Lesson LIVE Acoustic Dan Kanter Fingerstyle

THIS IS ME The Greatest Showman Guitar Lesson!
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  1. 《《F. lo. W 》》

    I love it!
    Thank you very much!
    Pretty fingers by the way ☺

  2. shaheen akhter khan

    This was amazing
    Your big fan
    Love from India


  4. i hope u can teach how to play be alright by jb too

  5. thank you so much for this video! it was very helpful (and I'm a beginner!)

  6. These tutorials are amazing

  7. awesome tutorial!

  8. thank you Mr Blackmon!

  9. shein rafaglosky

    porque en ingles tmr

  10. You are good guitarist can you say what kind of guitar are you using

  11. THANKYOU SO MUCH THIS IS THE FIRST SONG I LEARNED ON GUITAR!!! This video was so helpful. Just a question/observation. On the Bm chord how do you make that sound on the 1st string? I think you have to shift your index finger to the 2nd fret… maybe you forgot to mention or I just didn't catch it. Thanks!!!

  12. That Piñata Girl

    So I'm a beginner and I actually learned this, but idek what a hammer is ? Or how to do it

  13. Thanks for the lesson have subscribed will back, peace my friend 🙂

  14. Elizabeth Tomasto

    Que Carajos! osea we !

  15. Anuj shah Anuj shah


  16. love of a lifetime pleaaassee… by firehouse

  17. EricBlackmonGuitar

    Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for watching my video! I really appreciate it! This link will make it easy to find HD Videos on my channel! All HD Videos From EricBlackmonMusic

  18. Your lesson is great
    You should play a full song for everyone to listen

  19. What do you mean with ¨1/8 note down strums w muting¨ ?

  20. Eric I really appreciate your work on your tutorials. learning new songs have never been this easy for me?

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