AS TIME GOES BY Guitar LESSON – Chord Melody + TAB + Playalong

Note for note Guitar Tutorial on AS TIME GOES BY (from the movie “Casablanca”). Melody & chords played simultaniously.

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Play it again Sam Song from the movie Casablanca has become an iconic jazz standard over the years. And its real name is, of course, As Time Goes By. It was performed by such greats as Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra and Natalie Cole.

In this As TIme Goes By guitar lesson I’ll teach you my chord melody arrangement. I’ve tried to make it not that hard, but still use interesting jazz guitar chords. Since the tempo is really slow it should be doable for any intermediate jazz guitar player.

I’ve also made an As Time Goes By guitar tab, which is also available in the Guitar Pro version, so you can listen to the arrangement. I also have made two backing tracks (As Time goes by play along) for you (single playthrough and a 3x Loop). So you can start practicing right away, no excuses 😉

In my guitar lesson I show you every note, every guitar chord note for note, slow and easy. It should be easy for you to follow, particularily if you have the tab in front of you.

This tune has a lot of wonderful chords in. I like the progression, because it’s not the usual thing. There are a lot of II Vs in there, but there are alos some changes that I haven’t found an explanation for, like that E° chord, that seems to come out of nowhere and is neither a passing chord, nor a substitute for a dominant chord.

I also explain the theory behind the As Time Goes By guitar chords and the progression. So you have a basic understanding of what’s going on. That’s important to me as a teacher. I don’t want you to learn songs just by heart. I want you to know what you’re doing.

I hope you like my As Time Goes By guitar lesson and the tab and backing track. You can purchase the full package or parts of it from the links up above.

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Hugs, Sandra 🙂

Hugs, Sandra
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  1. 0:52 As Time Goes By Regular Tempo
    3:37 Section A Phrase 1
    10:17 Phrase 1 Slow Tempo
    10:48 Phrase 2
    14:21 Phrase 2 Slow Tempo
    14:49 Section A2 Phrase 3
    17:01 Phrase 3 Slow Tempo
    17:18 Section B Phrase 4
    20:00 Phrase 4 Slow Tempo
    20:28 Phrase 5
    23:17 Phrase 5 Slow Tempo
    23:45 Section A3 Phrase 6
    26:38 Phrase 6 Slow Tempo

  2. Such a great melody

  3. Stolcius Von Stolcenberg

    Magister Sandra: what about a thematic video on Barney Kessel, Master of Chords and Melody? Incidentally Easy Street's intro(with Julie London) is one of my favourites. He, imho, was an Alchemist with uppercase ''A": distilled the pure essence of Jazz…

  4. Hi Sandra, thank you so much for the videos you put out. I use them on a daily to learn how to play guitar! Can you please please do "You sent me flying" by Amy Whinehouse? It is a beautiful song, but I find it very hard to analyse the chords and I have not found a correct instruction so far. Greetings and beautiful holidays, Anni 🙂

  5. Sandra, this fine lesson on a timeless classic is “Exhibit A” for why you are so adored by guitarists the world over, including this one. Would you consider doing the old Django classic “If I had you”? It’s more of a ballad type thing but it’s infectious to this day. I’m sure these lessons are much work for you and we very much appreciate your helping us.

  6. Ivar Dahlstroem

    Very Beautiful. Outstanding arrangement. Thank You Sandra 🙂

  7. tres belle melodie…

  8. Please remind me which beginner lesson you recommended for me?

  9. These chord names slay me 🙂

  10. Another song to enjoy.I am taking this opportunity in wishing you a happy Christmas.Have a beautiful time and thanks for the memories.Cheers……

  11. Awesome. I was hoping for you to teach this one. Finally!. Danke Dir!

  12. "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" went over very well at our luncheon this week…brought lots of smiles! That's what it's all about…thanks again.

  13. Excellent arrangement Sandra! Thank you!

  14. Thank you! I check at least once a week or more for your posts as well as your site for more info. I'm eagerly waiting for "Sunny Side of the Street" or "Unforgettable" (Nat King Cole version)

  15. Play it again, again and again Sandra of this timeless classic. An excellent chord melody arrangement that inspires all jazz guitarists.

  16. Erling Johansson

    Thanks Sandra!

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