ASCENDING ARPEGGIO EXERCISE | Bass Guitar Tips ~ Daric Bennett’s Bass Lessons

Check out this technique I use to this day to help with my speed and dexterity on bass. It’s a great warm up exercise and practice technique to get your playing faster and more accurate!

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——- Gear Used in this

Gk Plex Preamp

Squier Bass

Bass Strings


Leather strap


“The Hat”

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  1. Do you practice this stuff with a metronome?

  2. Since when did lebron james play bass

  3. Екатерина Кучерявая

    You're a genius!!!

  4. hey Daric youre a great teacher, do you plan on doing any videos on slapping and popping, like on how to make it more groovy and funky rather than the simple root & octave?

  5. Love the fact your using a squire

  6. Kendall Henderson

    Ur a blessing to the bass world bro. Thx so much.

  7. im glad I discovered u…

  8. Damn my head is spinning! Killer stuff man

  9. Prometheus C All


  10. Vagner Roberto Andrade

    Great lesson…Wonderfull….

  11. This is very good and musical! 🙂

  12. sensational classes , HAS possibility Put subtitles in Portuguese ( Brazil ) ?

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