Ashokan Farewell – Guitar Lesson – Melody and Rhythm

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It comes with over 40 minutes of video, PDF tabs, and 2 practice tracks.

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  1. Fabulous choice of song to teach Ryan! Your true spirit and great sensibility to teach others music is only paralleled by Your tremendous talent and ability as a fine musician! This tune brings back very fond memories of listening to and watching Russ Barenburg perform such wonderful music with Jay Ungar and so many other virtuoso musicians in the Hudson Valley area back in the 1970s. Thanks for keeping us in tune!

  2. Learning to play songs like this one is why I joined Ryan's site. So much value for the money, since tabs, videos, and practice MP3's at various speeds are included. (I am not affiliated with Ryan; I just like to give credit where credit's due;).

  3. I got an old beat-up Martin mahogany dreadnought it's not the prettiest but that things got a nice warm tone but I really like the sound of your tailor a buddy of mine from church has Taylor 8 something or 9 something, I can't remember exactly which one it is but I know he paid like thirty-six hundred bucks for it and it is awesome playing and sounding instrument, if I were to ever get another acoustic guitar with some time I would I'm stuck between another Martin or a tailor is I like the Martins for bluegrass but those Taylors have such a great tone that is really warm and Rich sounding and I'm sure you know what I'm talking about being that you bought at Taylor, but I really enjoy your videos and your teaching Style I hope that I'm able to get on board soon as a member

  4. This is one of tunes that was used on Ken Burn's The Civil War. You played it beautifully.

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