Attention by Charlie Puth Acoustic Guitar Lesson in Fingerstyle

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  1. Christian Gomez

    great video, am a begginer but still managed to learn a lot. Thanks Marco!

  2. mannnn youuu areee AMAZING…..
    I ALWAYS watch your videos

  3. marco can i request attention but the more advance version pls…i really need it cuz its my fave song

  4. beautiful mess plssss

  5. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Goodbye Angels please!

  6. can you please do a fingerstyle tutorial of ILYSB by lany? :))

  7. thank you

  8. hello sir I think Fireflies by Owl City fingerstyle would be a great fingerstyle lesson 😀

  9. the best ! thank you so mush ! i have learned all your lessons !

  10. Hey Marco, could u by any chance redo the Little Things by One Direction along with Niall's guitar solo tutorial? please if u cant could we do it if we have a one to one guitar lesson??

  11. Wonderful..

  12. or give some advice to the ones that are beginners, like me, about what guitar is better to get as we get better

  13. can you make a video where you tell us about the difference of a cheap guitar and an expensive one

  14. ❤️

  15. Marco! love your vidsssss mwuah! haha its meeee lollll

  16. thanks for the lesson man
    congratulations for 30 k
    i m from the future

  17. Acoustic fantasy

    hi sir if you dont mind can you response to my msg i want a guitar lesson

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