Audioslave Cochise Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

And I’ve got just one thing I can offer… A guitar lesson on the Audioslave classic Cochise! This song has one of the coolest guitar riffs ever! So come along and learn this awesome rocking song! I will also be giving you some tips on how to sound like Tom Morello!

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  2. I just started learning guitar and i learned this riff and i feel like a kid. There is so much to learn !!! Thanks Marty!

  3. Fun fact: In the studio, Tom actually held a pencil between his index and pinky fingers to get that iconic sound in the intro 🙂

  4. How much doobs u smoke before this vid dude ?

  5. Hell Yeah! Thanks for another quality lesson Marty. So fun to play this one!

  6. C O R N E L L

  7. Great lesson…. you break this down beautifully! Not exactly my number 1 song to learn (I'm more of a Blues, Pink Floyd, Beatles older stuff kinda guy) But like I said: "Great Lesson" and I will try some of these technics.

  8. You should teach "Welcome to the Machine" Pink Floyd next

  9. Marty, can you please do "You make my dreams" by Hall and Oates? please?

  10. Thanks Marty!!!! I like all the other vids been seeing you in with Rick, Rhett… Keep it up, keeps things interesting…….

  11. Could you do mr moustache by nirvana?

  12. If you like guitar you will love my newest video please go and check it out

  13. Please do Go by the Black Keys

  14. Bogdan's wonderful and random videos

    great lesson as usual

  15. Could you make a video on how to play crazy vibes by Selah sue please ?

  16. I know I am a bit late but isn’t she lovely by Stevie wonder would be good

  17. NICE!!!

  18. Hey cant u do dogs by pink floyd thanks

  19. Can you please do “how to play sweet child o mine

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