Audioslave I am The Highway Acoustic Guitar Song Lesson Chris Cornell

Audioslave I am The Highway Acoustic Guitar Song Lesson Chris Cornell

Acoustic Guitar song lesson – learn to play I am The Highway bu Audioslave on solo guitar. This is a fun song that only requires six chords and the lesson is arranged for solo acoustic guitar. Learn the strum patterns, chords, changes, and techniques to play the complete song – we break it down and make it easy and fun to play along – enjoy and rock on! – Free video lesson and eBook on essential barre chord playing and changing tips, techniques, fret hand techniques, and tons of barre chord exercises that will blast your barre chord playing and changing to the next level. Our video instructional website – its a full on structured curriculum for all level players and all styles of music – FREE 3-day all access site pass on the home page – enjoy!

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  2. Where's Dave Nassio?

  3. Hey guys just wondering if you could do a tutorial on a cool song called Neon Roses by the Technicolors! Great tutorial btw

  4. Chris really made this song shine. The guitars are nice but wow did that horrible solo blemish what could have been great.

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