Augmented and Diminished Chords For Bass Guitar

Augmented and Diminished Chords For Bass Guitar

These lesson finishes up with triads by covering the augmented and diminished chords. We’ll look at the basic shapes and then work through some common chord progressions.

PDF of lesson material available from here
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  1. Hello Mark, nice lesson btw,

    i would like to ask several questions:

    1. When we can apply those augmented and diminished chord? as far as i know for diminished, we can substitute dominant7 and Minor7, (CMIIW) is there anything else?

    2. What about augmented? what chord that we can substitute with augmented ?

    Thank you

  2. At about 20:00 why do you describe C-E-A as a C6 and not Am or Am/C? It could be because I have more of a classical than jazz background, but my understanding is that C6 would need to include both the G and A by definition and that the major 2nd between them is part of the characteristic sound of a 6 chord. To my ear, without that it just sounds like a minor chord. Is it because it resolves to a C7, or because of the voice leading with the static C and E, or for some other reason?

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