Autumn Leaves: Easy Chord Melody Lesson – Jazz Guitar Lesson

Autumn Leaves: Easy Chord Melody Lesson - Jazz Guitar Lesson

Learn to play Autumn Leaves on guitar! I made an easy chord melody guitar arrangement for you 🙂 Detailed and easy to follow.


Easy chord melody arrangement lesson for jazz guitar:
Chord melody is a style, that allows you to play the melody and the chords simultaniously or alternating. I`ve chosen a mixture of these styles, so it`s easier to play.

Autumn Leaves for chord melody guitar:
Autumn Leaves is one of the most popular jazz standards. It has a long tradition in history. It is originated as a communist song theme, then it turned into a french chanson and now is well known as a jazz standard.

Please let me know, which jazz standard you would like to learn next on guitar! I will upload more easy jazz guitar standard, like this one.

Chord melody guitar lesson:
Chord melody guitar is not always that easy, but i try to make really easy arrangements for jazz guitar, so you succed.
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Enjoy, Sandra 🙂
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  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you soooo much. i have watched so many versions of this but yours are the only one i can relate to, so detailed and you are not trying to hide anything but just to help one to understand and enjoy playing the guitar. Thank you I just love your way of teaching. if at all possible i would love a version of Satin Doll it would be much appreciated.

  2. Many thanks for posting this! While I found the single note melody playing comes easily to me, many of these chords are entirely new to me. I've found it to be very helpful to just play the chords in order(after writing down the chord shapes on a sheet of paper), to familiarize myself with these new shapes(and fingering changes between chords). This might be a helpful tip for others watching this lesson as well. I noticed you've asked for suggestions. Maybe a chord melody for "All the Things You Are"?

  3. Thank you for providing such a great detail on this beautiful jazz song! I learnt a lot from your video!

  4. Beatiful I like

  5. Thanks for your video. About jazz standard i'd like to learn next on guitar could be "Night and Day". Regards

  6. Thanks for the easy to follow process. Working hard on the first section!

  7. Thank you so much for this video. I love it! Great song!

  8. Even though I've learned a version in this key I still learned and I am learning still from this lesson.

  9. Beautiful..please do Sunny also.

    Related to my other questions. What I am having trouble understanding is the logic behind which chord shape to use for a particular chord and does the chord shape for a particular chord change when you are playing the melody in a different area of the fret board? So for instance does the shape for an A chord depend on what area of the fret board I am playing it in? If so then what good are the chord charts?

  10. Enjoying the journey into jazz Autumn Leaves was just what I needed.

  11. Nice job! Great for us jazz newbies! Thanks a ton Sandra, I'm 80% through it. Really appreciate the effort!

  12. Great lesson. Very detailed and easy to follow. Suggested future chord melody lessons – Misty, Fly me to the moon.

  13. Lovely arrangement, I'm going to try this. Thank you.

  14. Great lesson, Sandra. Well done.

  15. Ruslan Lepeshov Soj

    Thank you for nice and clear explanation. Would be nice if you put camera just a bit farer so we could see both hands. Once again, thank you. God bless you

  16. The first Jazz tune I learned. Great for navigating your 2-5-1's!

    I've started up a channel of backing tracks you or your students might like, every track will be transposed into all 12 keys and there will be lots of blues, jazz and funk uploaded in the coming weeks. Be sure to check it out if you are into that sort of thing!

  17. Andis Galaxysvieractive

    Yeah!!! Auf Deutsch wär`s noch cooler, aber so geht`s auch.

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