Avengers Theme Song – Guitar Lesson

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  1. Thanks for supporting http://www.MartyMusic.com

  2. lo key tho sounds like I'm at a kiss concert

  3. FastZ Deejnisch

    Marty should’ve snapped. He would survive this because legends never die

  4. Epic! Can’t wait to get home and try this

  5. Do acoustic version pls!!!

  6. With one strum he can teach half the universe how to play guitar

  7. You need to do the Guardians of the galaxy theme

  8. Great intro Marty!!!! You gotta keep using that!!!!

  9. Marty We love you more than 3000 <3

  10. U forgot the Kashmir intro.

    picture of Thanos Marty

    You rock matey

  12. Uhh Mr Marty…. I don’t feel so good…

  13. can do PLEASE do a tutorial on Alan Silvestri – Help Arrives? That would sound so epic on electric guitar

  14. Yajat Lakhanpal

    Oh snap

  15. Marty's guitar is more powerful than Thor's hammer..

  16. CodedToKill Innes

    You are my 3000

  17. jeff jefferson

    It was so Very quirky, yet i could see the intro coming. And where did you get the cover photo!

  18. TooManyTaco 2000

    A kid in my class spoiled endgame for literally everyone by yelling it as loud as he could in the hall

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