Awesome Cascading Acoustic Guitar Lesson By Scott Grove

Desolation by BUCCANEER:
You can purchase the 200 plus hours of lessons for only . The deal of the century!
NONE of my YouTube videos are in these 200 hours.


  1. Thanks Doctor. Nice lesson.

  2. I'm not a Luthier but I play one on YT

    There are some G&L ASAT 3's on Reverb. There is a red one for $895.00

  3. Yeah I heard this before

  4. Hi Scott! Here's a really really bad buccaneer joke:
    Little boy wearing a pirate costume is standing on the street corner. A bored beat cop is swinging his night- stick and watching the little boy.
    The cop walks up to the kid and says, "Hey little boy, where's your buccaneer?"
    The kid points up and says, "Under my buccin hat."
    Hey, you were warned……..
    Anyway, I'm a customer of your lesson plans and I'm very happy. I'm still not worth a shit on the guitar but, thanks to you, I now know enough to enjoy farting around with it.
    Keep on keepin' on, Scott!

  5. what is wrong with the sound?

  6. Always been good. Thanks

  7. Sounds similar to "Dream On" by Aerosmith. Pieces of those chords are in there for sure.

  8. Nice Deckley Pedal Steel I All Way's Wanted One Never Got One Yet I Have A 1970 BMI

  9. Awesome Scott, I See You Have A Pedal Steel Guitar, I Play Pedal Steel & Guitar. Do You Play Pedal Steel Too?

  10. Great to see you doing your videos again with you character and humor. So glad you are doing well Scott. Your an icon of the way it used to be and where the roots are coming up from. Thanks. Your a jam master.

  11. Sounds like something the trans siberian orcastra would play! Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  12. I couldn’t wait and I clicked the link before watching the video. Then I searched for the album. I must say the entire album is great. How or where can we purchase this album? Thanks

  13. Sounds great glad to see you're doing well

  14. Sounds good

  15. Wow. "Hotel California" much? No complaint: it's hard to play 12-string arpeggios up and down the neck without "Hotel California" sounding like it.

  16. A touch much, reverb. wonderful content though. Like a waterfall running through my fingers.

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