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We talk a lot about groove, we talk a lot about scales and arpeggios… and we definitely talk a lot about technique – but one thing that’s not talked about so much is ear training. And trust me, as a musician developing your ear is one of the most important things you can ever do.

So what do I mean by “developing your ear”?

Simply put, a well developed ear will be able to recognise different intervals between notes, different chord types, and even be able to transcribe a bass line, melody or solo – all without an instrument at hand. The exercises you would use to achieve this is skill is what I refer to as “developing your ear”. Essentially, what is commonly known as ear training.

There are many different ear training exercises you can use to develop your ear, but in today’s lesson I’m going to share one of my favourites with you. I’m going to bring out the George Benson in you! 😉

Oh… a just a little warning… I sing in this video!

As always, see you in the shed…

Scott 🙂
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  1. Mateus Guilhermino

    Buddha is proud of you

  2. Scott is the bass player personality from split

  3. he sings booty booty

  4. Great Lesson Scott thanks so much… Stay well my friend

  5. lovely, thanks again!

  6. Instantly subscribed after the booty booty excercise.

  7. i "liked" this, so you better love me forever and I am expecting my bass love to be sent immediately 😉

  8. this is more helpful than a lot of people realize

  9. Enough of this free stuff, TAKE MY MONEY!!! 🙂 Love the lessons as always, this exercise is great. Great exercise for singing also. Thanks for what you do!

  10. should I try to bend onto my voice cracks? lol

  11. buddha booby buddha what? Im telling you this video has subliminal message. I am church bass player and Im not falling into the trap!!

  12. You are really really good teacher

  13. very good

  14. @Scott's Bass Lessons – What is being played in the intro from 0:120:24?

  15. Hi, I'm a new bass player, bought my acoustic bass not long ago, I played guitar and had a shitty start and I wanna change it for the bass, but I still don't quite understand probably the simplest thing in music theory, intervals, still can't get my head around what are 5ths 6ths 3rds and etc anyone can suggest a video or some place that can explain it better? Thanks!

  16. Notes from the Key of Synchronicity

    Great lesson and playing. I gotta get on this pronto!

  17. I can read music (i.e. "guitar hero") for several instruments, but I can't "play" any of them, and that's all I've ever wanted. If this works, you will have changed my life, sir.

  18. lol turn on captions

  19. Daniel Borges Nogueira


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