Awesome Music Theory Workout For Bass Guitar

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This week I’ve got a great little music theory exercise for you that will help with learning the notes on the neck, some essential arpeggios, the chords within a major key and the circle of 5ths!

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  1. you're my hero

  2. Thank you very much sir..

  3. These are by far the best free you tube lessons I've found so far. Thank you Mark.

  4. Thanks for sharing this lesson I needed it!

  5. what bass are you using in this awesome lesson?

  6. Outstanding lesson! Your in-depth explanations of the technical aspects of music theory is your forte for sure!

  7. I am a YouTube channel

    Lesson for release yourself by graham central station!! Please!?????!!!

  8. townheadbluesboy

    So much good practical stuff in here . – great lesson well done.

  9. Nice exercise. I see it helps learn the notes on the 1st 2 strings but not so much the other 2 as you don't say the note names in the arpegios

  10. Cant hear the bass

  11. B diminished

  12. Never realised that theory could be simplified so much

  13. Metallicas Pulling Teeth sounds very similar to this construction

  14. I guess I should learn the triads before trying this.

  15. CheersMark best wishes for 2019

  16. autobotsNdecepticons

    Ha I've never heard anyone describe diminished chords as "evil."

  17. Amazing. Always simple way to teach! Thanks!

  18. Been so busy with work I haven't visit the channel in 6+ months. Looks like you trimmed up bro! Looking good! 😀

  19. Thanks Mark!! Excellent lesson which incorporates the circle of forths/fifths and the grouped mj/mn/dim triads. I have been working on the circle of fif/fourths by itself. With this video I can now exercise a combination of exercise in one run. Great lesson, thanks again.

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