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Here’s a new lesson. It’s something I came up with after listening the other day to “The Thrill Is Gone” by B.B. King.
I created a little minor blues progression, pick up my Joe Bonamassa reissue 335 and I was in the zone. Of course, I soon departed from B.B. and crossed into a few other zones 🙂
B.B. King is on a short list of artists that inspired me to play guitar in the first place. He was on the radio constantly when I started playing at age 12.
Thanks for taking a look, see you on the next one!



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  1. Awesome job Tim.  Thanks.  Also appreciate the email blasts when you post.  I clicked right over when I got it.  Question:  Because your speakers are in a cab in the garage, is all the sound you hear coming from your studio monitors?  If so, because your work is for "recording," do you find that the monitor sound is advantageous?

  2. another great lesson & comments – thanks.

  3. sorry tim, but b b king couldnt hang with this. you are being kind to b b. he had his place, but he was recognizable with other style and sound. i am not aware of any recording that showed this ability. he is an icon but not for his guitar virtuosity. it was more of his voice and his sound

  4. you keep playing like that tim it sound clearer better seperate notes and cool crunch with louder playing and i like this idea and i wish people would just be themselves get what you can out of these lessons then the next idea because some of us should keep learning helps your aging

  5. Tim – always a treat to find a new guitar lesson diddy in my mailbox. As usual, your enhancement on player styles is so informative and helpful. Was wondering what you used for the dry, compressed tone? I too am still working on the Vimeo MTS lesson series, however now looking forward to your Guitar Academy. Along with the lessons, it looks like it can really help with studio work for which I need as much info and experience as I can soak in. Much thanks!

  6. Christopher Smeal Sr.

    this style is not BB King

  7. My 1965 ES 330 is a spitting image of that 335 in color and shape.

  8. daprofe music stickers

    Thanks, this helps

  9. Tim, Thank You for the Lesson, it is much appreciated.. Nice Guitar Too, Cousin Figel

  10. Someone help Tim, someone built an amp tower around him and he can't get out.

  11. Tim, good lesson! How do you do get the raking sound at, say, 2:14? Are you fingering a chord? Are you palming? Thanks.

  12. Thanks Tim… wondering how you document all the leads you develop… tab them, some kind of electronic system… please don't tell me
    it's all up here" 'cause I have trouble with my postal code… lol!

  13. Beautiful lesson!

  14. love you video's would be even better if you had chord graphics placed in a corner when you were explaining the chords.

  15. Great licks, so melodic and tasteful. Thanks Tim !!!

  16. armyof12monkeyss

    Tim, I can't thank you enough for giving us all the knowledge for free. THANK YOU!

  17. I don't think BB could play like that ;-)

  18. Hi Tim, fantastic videos. I want to increase my chord vocabulary, and the ability to substitute some more interesting chords into the mix. Perhaps you can make a video that goes over a few?

  19. Thanks SO much for sharing with us. You have provided what has been missing in my playing for many years. I finally see how things fit together musically. You are a great teacher and huge inspiration.

  20. Wow thank you for your teaching style, awesome sound and passion for guitar.

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