B.B. King’s Guitar Style – Guitar Lesson

B.B. King's Guitar Style - Guitar Lesson

Download the jam track used in this lesson at https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/b-b-king-guitar-lesson-understanding-his-approach/ – In this lesson I decided to move past showing you how to play a particular solo and instead focus on learning how BB King approaches the guitar neck when soloing. There are several signature licks that come from the boundaries that I demonstrate in this video. Perfect for a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player.
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  1. Simple and well focused…..great.

  2. great lesson!!!

  3. your fucking fake no one can or play especially you fake people who thank you teach guitar like how bb king plays he's the original he's the best the only person who can keep up with him is slash himself cuz he's played with BB King he said around backstage with BB King he's bullshitted and a bunch of other shit with him so quit trying to make these fucking videos of bb king

  4. Oh my, the tone of that guitar is insane! Loved the video…. I already know all this stuff, Im a 20year veteran.i just watch these out of boredom or hopefully catch something new, thanks again!

  5. Awesome lesson. I just started playing and this made it clique. Extremely helpful

  6. Thank you for the great instruction. I am learning both the bass and electric guitars. It seems as if I need to know something informative you are right on it. Keep up the great work. Learning alot.

  7. Анатолий Чеханов

    It's замечательно!!!!

  8. Beautiful lesson , could you tell me the string gauge please

  9. @8:00 minute mark he said you cant bend the b string cause it doesnt work, it works fine for me and jimi, you just have to know where to go next to make it work

  10. Man your videos are so helpfull

  11. I can't find this lesson on the website …there must be a second part to this the way it ended made it seem like there's another part…search be king n it doesn't show up

  12. What chords are you playing?

  13. His guitar is singing that's why he doesn't sing and play! haha

  14. great lesson thank

  15. Great Stuff ! super helpful

  16. Follow The Lemming

    Just a heads up BB chose not to sing and play at the same time since his guitar followed a lead vocal line. It's called trading space and its an amazing way of playing blues. Sing and let the guitar follow up and hit it home.

  17. How do you get that sound?

  18. your killin bb. he cant sing and play at the same x:)

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